PRESS RELEASE: D’Junction Receives Welcome for Crop Over 2018

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Bridgetown, BARBADOS ; July 14, 2018 : The D’Junction app, developed in Trinidad and Tobago, has received a warm welcome to Crop Over 2018 in Barbados.

Ria Karim, Developer of the D’Junction app, guides Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King, through her app, D’Junction

John King, Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports (Barbados) , got a demonstration of the app yesterday and endorsed it as a tool to help take culture and the Crop Over product into the digital age.

The app’s developer, Ria Karim, a Trinidadian businesswoman, cited examples of technology at use for events around the world, and noted that it is her intention that we in the Caribbean will similarly leverage digital platforms to reach our existing consumers as well as new markets around the world. It is, she added, a step towards exporting our unique and rich culture globally, and ensuring that we are communicating with our audiences in the most appropriate and expected ways.

“Originally designed to help masqueraders track their bands during Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival, the app offers a unique geo-locator function,” she explained, “which is also incorporated in the event details.” This makes it extremely useful for those attending parties in unfamiliar locations.

Baje International and its 1200 revelers will be the first to pilot the app this year and CEO Richard Haynes embraced the solution provider. The app is already live and capable of guiding a user to Baje’s headquarters. On the road, it will give ongoing updates as the band moves along the Kadooment route to allow for easy and on-time tracking.

Free for download to both android and smart phone users via the App Store or Google Play,  the app also has a comprehensive listing of events with details and mapping.

“Promoters interested in having their events listed can simply tag D’Junction. We will share event info once they encourage usage of the app. Note also that the app is currently sharing information about the hottest privately hosted events as well as bringing focus to the more traditional schedule,”  Karim added.

The app has banner space available for advertising and persons interested in its introductory advertising rates can email; a local representative will provide details.

“We immediately offer a regional and global following; and are happy to note that interest is rapidly growing among party goers in Barbados,” Karim stated, adding that it is her intent for the app to be used at other regional festivals to the benefit of all.


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