PRESS RELEASE: Carita Dee to Host New LIVE Nightly International Syndicated TV Talk Show

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BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — Executive Radio/TV Producer, International Speaker, Author, Inspirational Talk Show Host Carita Dee will host and executive produce a new nightly lifestyle talk show, The Carita Dee TV Show beginning in July 2018, it was announced today by Carib Vision News. Carita Dee, a trusted name in the spiritual arena and a women’s advocate and philanthropist, will lead a team of lifestyle experts on a wide-range of topics. Incorporating Carita’s every woman’s persona, humor and incredible transparency, as well as her digitally connected co-hosts; the show will offer a true cross-platform experience along with the icing on the cake, LIVE CALLERS & a LIVE SHOW ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE! The Carita Dee TV Show will broadcast from Bridgetown, Barbados syndicated into 30 countries in the Caribbean, the NY/NJ/Conn Tri State area and Canada.

Capitalizing on Carita’s established grassroots audience from her nightly radio show and her girlfriends’ tremendous appetite for lifestyle improvement content, Carita and her team will provide daily takeaway that is innovative, informative, inspirational and accessible. From relationships and beauty to empowerment and individual enterprise, the show will motivate her girlfriends to improve and enhance their lives by providing cutting edge guidance. Carita Dee will also welcome celebrities, internet influencers, experts and everyday people to share their own knowledge across a wide-range of topics that are important to her nighttime audience of girlfriends.

“Carita Dee is an enormous and vibrant talent with widespread appeal and we’re eager to introduce her new lifestyle show that will incorporate her personal message of self-improvement to our Caribbean/Latin America/Canada/UK marketplace,” said Loretta Skeete, Marketing Director of Carib Vision. “She is truly unique in that she is both inspirational and extremely relatable to women of all ages. With the fans that she built in the United States and Barbados, Carita Dee is more relevant and relatable than ever. She is the ideal personality to infuse lifestyle content with fresh energy, humor, and the practical, spiritual information the nighttime audience craves.”

“The fire to inspire women and help them to blaze new paths fiercely burns inside of me,” commented Carita. “I’m excited to be partnering with so many stations to usher in a new era of inspiration and entertainment that will inspire women to be the CEO of their lives. To my fierce family of future viewers: I can’t wait to shake up nighttime TV together. I have a lot of information to give and still lots to learn. Let’s do it!”

CARIB VISION — FLOW Channel 104; MCTV Channel 109; LIME Channel 103, DIGICEL PLAY 512

TRIDENT TV 10 – MCTV Channel 116. DIGICEL PLAY 10.

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