Prepare Thine Wallets Gamers

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This one is for the Gamers. Black friday is almost here, sales are everywhere. Nothing else for me to say, just grab your wallet and be ready to pay!!


-The Elder Scrolls Online $10 USD

-Don’t Starve $3 USD

-Hitman: First Season $30 USD

-Saints Row IV $3.74 USD

-Saints Row IV Game of the Century: $20 USD

-Just Cause 3 $15 USD

-Just Cause 3 XL Edition $21.25 USD

-Chivalry: Medieval Warfare $2.50 USD

-Cities: Skylines $7.50 USD

-Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition $10 USD

-Batman: Arkham Knight $15 USD

-Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition $20 USD

-Far Cry Primal $25 USD


-Battlefield 1 $36 USD

-Battlefield 4 Premium Edition $14 USD

-Titanfall 2 $40 USD

-FIFA 17 $30 USD

-Need for Speed $15 USD

-The Division $35 USD

-Rainbow Six Siege $20 USD

-Assassin’s Creed Syndicate $24 USD

Green Man Gaming:

-GTA V $25 USD

-Fallout 4 $19 USD


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