Pose S01E08 [FINALE]

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This was such a satisfying conclusion to the season and had this show not been renewed for a second one, it would have been a wonderful season finale. This episode left me on such a high by the end. Everything worked out nicely for everyone and they were all in such better places that this episode can truly be called a happy ending.

Blanca was the heart and soul of this series and I loved her more and more with every episode. Truly, she is the most loving, caring, nurturing, kind, generous, inspiring and genuine character I have ever encountered in fiction. Her spirit is so pure. She is incredibly sympathetic and it’s hard not to love her as much as she loves everyone. Up to and including people who have wronged her. She has a profound capacity for forgiveness and compassion. She is one of the best characters to ever exist on screen.

Any other person would have left Elektra to rot. In fact, they did; her own children. Candy and Lulu turned their backs on her and never looked back. I had no idea that Elektra’s situation had gotten so bad that she was homeless. I figured that she could have at least been making enough money from working at Show World to afford a smaller, cheaper apartment. It was heartbreaking seeing her suffer and being so miserable.

The moment that it became clear how desperate her situation was, I knew that she would join the House of Evangelista. It made sense narratively and for her character. The show started with Blanca leaving the House of Abundance to start the House of Evangelista, so for Elektra to then go to Blanca was perfectly symmetrical. Plus, there really wasn’t anywhere else for her to go. There was no one who would have opened their home to her besides Blanca. She even helped Elektra get a job! One which she was very well suited for.

Things were looking up for Damon and Ricky as well; they were cast as dancers in a music video and were going on tour with the artist. In more good news for Damon, he was accepted to his second year of university on scholarship. It didn’t seem like the tour would conflict with Damon’s school to me, the timing of the two wasn’t made clear. However, Damon had to choose and I’m glad that he chose school. It was hard to argue with Blanca’s argument that his staying in school to get better as a dancer for future opportunities.

Not doing so great this episode was Stan. I’m honestly a little glad that he didn’t. Patty left him and he went right to Angel, then ran to Patty when he left Angel. I’m thankful that Patty put her foot down and refused to take him back; that she was steadfast in bettering herself and becoming independent. Stan is using both her and Angel and he doesn’t even know it. Despite his saying to Patty that he loved her, I didn’t believe him. What he wanted by going back to her was comfort and familiarity.

Just when I thought that we’d seen the last of him, he turned up at the Princess Ball to ask Angel to take him back too! He was trying to have his cake and eat it too again. He straight up lied to Angel’s face. He and Patty weren’t getting divorced, he was supposed to be quitting his job in the city an he didn’t mention anything about the fact that he was moving back in with Patty. I’m glad that Angel rejected him too.

The Ball in this episode was the best Ball in the entire season. The challenge between the House of Evangelista and the House of Ferocity was amazing, exhilarating and dramatic. It was perfection. It was such a triumph when House of Evangelista won. Candy and Lulu – Candy especially – were so unnecessarily mean and nasty, and not to mention arrogant, that for them to have lost to a house that they looked down their noses at was so satisfying.

Elektra did her best, most biting, most ruthless dragging in this episode and Candy and Lulu deserved it. It didn’t take much for her to convince Lil Papi and the other male members of Ferocity to go over to Evangelista. The two were just despicable. They were far worst mothers than Elektra ever was and that is saying a lot. When Pray Tell and the judges stepped in to throw shade at Candy, it was just the icing on the cake of their sorry defeat at the Princess Ball. She didn’t take it too well, though, and the almost fight was hilarious, dangerous as it was.

The crowning jewel in everything that Evangelista had achieved was Blanca winning Mother of the Year. She’d done so much for not just her children, but everyone around her. She became the change she wanted to see in the world and the person she needed when she was going through what her loved ones were. It was well deserved.

Random thoughts:

  1. Why not give Elektra Lil Papi’s room?
  2. Blanca is not even taking on Elektra lol.
  3. Blanca is the best wing man.
  4. Blanca cheerleading Elektra in the background is adorable.
  5. This dude looks so much younger than Pray Tell.
  6. Aww. Lil Papi stood up for Blanca.
  7. I can’t stay mad at Lil Papi.
  8. Candy…no. You can’t dance.
  9. Girl put down that hammer.

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