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Eight weeks have gone by far too quickly. As of this week, there are no more new episodes of Pose and I was so not ready for this show to come to an end. Fortunately for us fans, there will be a second season! Unfortunately, however, we’re all going to have to wait.

I was so disappointed in Lil Papi in this episode – and to a lesser extent Angel and Damon. He may have been a pretty minor character in the grand scheme of the show, but he was so incredibly likeable. He had presence, charm and personality. All of that disappeared when Blanca confronted him about his drug dealing. There was an ugliness to him that I did not expect to see. He knew the rules going into Blanca’s home and he never had any intention of obeying them. Instead of apologising to Blanca and asking for her forgiveness, he was just unbelievably nasty to her and utterly disrespectful. And his fellow housemates as well.

I was hurt by him saying that they weren’t his family and that they never did anything for him. Damon, Ricky and Angel kept his secret and Blanca took him in off of the streets and gave him a warm, loving home. He truly took them for granted and everything he said made it seem like he was just taking advantage of their kindness and generosity. Blanca hadn’t even kicked him out yet and he was so hateful toward her. Just for confronting him about dealing drugs.

I expected her to let him stay. I believe she would have, had he not acted the way that he did. Then, after everything he said about the House of Evangelista, he had the gall to be angry with Ricky for not being loyal to him. I do not at all blame Ricky for telling Blanca the truth. It would be far better to be honest with Blanca up front, than for her to find out that they lied to her face. Furthermore, of course he didn’t want to go back on the streets. If Lil Papi had had any respect for Blanca to begin with he would not have been dealing drugs while living under her roof, knowing full well that she was against it.

I knew his banishment from the House of Evangelista wouldn’t stick. Blanca’s heart is too big and she loves those kids too much. So it was no surprise when she asked him to rejoin the house. She even apologised to him! Then to add further insult to everything he did, the ungrateful little git went and joined the House of Ferocity with Lulu and Candy. Just to be treated like nothing more than an errand boy! Lulu and Candy, much as I love them, are no better mothers than Elektra was to them. I’m looking forward to the rivalry between them and the House of Evangelista, though.

Speaking of Elektra…

She fell really far in this episode. I was surprised to see her with Dick at the beginning. For a second I thought that he’d made his peace with it and decided not to leave her, like he had threatened. I didn’t realise that he didn’t know that she had gotten her surgery. Unlike Elektra, I was never under any illusions that he’d be going back to her. I think that deep down she knew that as well, despite constantly reassuring her children – and herself – that he would be.

I wish her children had been a lot more supportive of her. She’d been quite financially irresponsible and lied to them about not paying the rent on the apartment, but still. As members of the same community, you’d think they’d have some sympathy for her plight. Plus, if Candy and Lulu had enough money to get another apartment and start the House of Ferocity, they certainly could  have helped out financially at the House of Abundance. They’re just as ungrateful as Lil Papi.

I was shocked that Dick replaced Elektra so quickly. I was certain that he was done with her – and that concierge’s attitude toward her was a very clear indication of that – but I didn’t think that he would have found someone else so soon. And someone younger than Elektra to boot. I had high hopes for her, in turn, replacing him. She was getting on so well with Joe and their chemistry was undeniable. But I knew that he would reject her as soon as he found about that she was, as she put it, “a full woman.” I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but I knew that it would. Now she’s a dancer at Show World like Angel did.

Also shocking, the fact that Stan just up and left Angel.

I thought that with Patty leaving him and him moving in with Angel, that he’d finally gotten what he truly wanted. Like I said in the last recap, I didn’t want his going back to Angel to be just because he’d lost everything. It seems that that was the case and that she was just a phase; a living, breathing incarnation of a fetish he had and wanted to experiment with. I’m pretty sure that Stan is still confused about who he is, what he wants and his sexuality. I’m certainly confused about who he is, what he wants and his sexuality.

The Ball was way too much for him. He was uncomfortable even before people were openly hostile toward him or tried to poach him from Angel. It was obvious that he was overwhelmed. It only became clear exactly just how overwhelmed he was when Angel returned to her apartment and found it completely empty. Like Patty said, Stan was weak. I just wish that Angel had gone back to Show World instead of the street corner.

Random thoughts:

  1. Elektra: “Don’t worry children, Mother would never let a single man be in charge of her destiny.” And she didn’t!
  2. You didn’t leave your wife, Stan. She left you.
  3. I do love the idea of Lulu and Candy starting a house together.
  4. Did Stan just break up with Angel?
  5. He did break up with Angel.

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