Phone on Fire 2, Phone on Fire Harder

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When it rains it pours, atleast it certainly does for Samsung as of late. Earlier last month we reported they had issued a massive recall of their Note 7 line because they were overheating: actually to be more accurate, they were combusting into flames. At the time Samsung gave no definite word on what was the real issue; however reports stated it was a problem with the batteries when being over charged. Atleast this was the rumour at the time which Samsung did not fully confirm or deny.

This week this sad saga continued after it was revealed that even the Note 7 replacement units were burning up, one on a plane no less. With similar cases starting to pop up over the USA, it has become with the PR nightmare of sorts. Even carriers have smelt the blood in the water and started offering exchanges on the controversial device or a full

As someone who follows tech for fun and a living, I cannot recommend anyone buying Note 7; clearly Samsung does not know what is wrong with the product and at an estimated retail price of over $800 US, it’s not worth the risk when they are plenty other high end smartphones worth the top billing on the market.

In all seriousness though, how is it that in 2016, we are dealing with mobile phone recalls; not because the phones do not work, but instead the phones in question are none to combust without notice…

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