Pampalam Barbados Unveils Kadooment 2019 Costumes

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Crop Over meets art and high fashion in Pampalam Barbados’ first ever costume offerings for the annual Kadooment Day parade of bands. This is truthfully the band’s second year in operation; they unveiled stunning costumes for Nottingham Hill Carnival last year, for which they partnered with Legion Mas – an individual costume service and the “first cosplay inspired carnival band sponsored by London Comic Con” – founded by Melissa Simon-Hartman. This year she is joined by New York based designer Desma Bidjou-Kerekes.

The band’s theme for Crop Over 2019 is “Petals of Paradise.” The four sections that masqueraders can choose from are inspired by and named after the Pride of Barbados, Frangipani, Black Orchid and Anthurium flowers. Black Orchid is the only section with a male costume.

“Petals of Paradise speaks to the beauty, texture and vibrancy of the Pride of Barbados, Anthurium, Frangipani and Black Orchid flowers: basking in their bold colors, depicting strength, genesis, perseverance and beauty.”

Black Orchid Frontline


The female costumes range in price from $475 USD to $700 USD and the male costume’s price is $375 USD. Pampalam Barbados’ package includes the costume,a goodie bag of sponsored gifts, breakfast⁣, a music truck, a premium drink bar⁣, snacks, mobile bathrooms⁣, professionally trained security⁣, a medic service⁣ and mobile drinks carts.

Registration is now open on, where their selection of costumes can be viewed. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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