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With the way this episode started I thought we’d get a lot more detail into what happened to Young Ian on his way to Jamaica. Apparently nothing happened and it was wholly uneventful, even though one of his captors mentioned giving him to someone as little more than a sex toy. We got to see everyone else’s journey to the Caribbean so why not Ian’s? Would a montage have been too much to ask?

Things got far more interesting, however, when we were reintroduced to none other than Geillis Duncan/Gillian Edgars in probably the best character introduction this show has ever seen, if only because it captured exactly who she is so perfectly. The only surprise that came from seeing her was seeing  her at all. This is a character we’d thought dead since season one (although, book readers would have known better). That she was bathing in goat’s blood was so incredibly Geillis that it was instantly believable that that was something she would do.

Once Young Ian told her that Jamie was his uncle, I couldn’t wait to see her reunite with Claire. As wicked and evil as the woman is and as much as she can’t be trusted, now that Claire knows that she was from the future as well – and farther ahead than herself – I wanted to see the two of them talk about that. I especially wanted Claire to tell Geillis about how she tried to save her in 1968 and about Roger; the descendant of her child. Those were the two biggest things that the women could have spoken about, but Young Ian’s rescue took precedent.

Someone else that Claire and Jamie found themselves trying to save in this episode was Temeraire. This particular plot line felt very unnecessary. The character and his story line had very little impact on the overall story and plot. The only thing he did was tell Claire and Jamie where to find Young Ian and arguably that was something that could have been done without his help. It felt like the only reason he existed within the episode was to make Jamie and Claire look good. Claire more than anything else. It stands to reason that as a woman born in the era that she was, that she would be anti-slavery and that witnessing what she did would affect her. But the story line still come off as someone disingenuous.

Claire’s outburst at the slave auction was just too much. Why does she have to be so anachronistic at the worst possible times? She and Jamie should have been lying low. He was under threat of being arrested for pity’s sake. Making a scene and drawing attention to themselves was the worst and stupidest thing she could have done. But of course there were no consequences. She stood by and watched the woman be branded, but lost it when Temeraire was sexually assaulted?

Not to say that one is worse than the other. They’re both horrific to be sure. But she was able to control herself in one instance and not in the other. I suppose the assault was her breaking point after everything she had seen. She could no longer just stand back and watch. Jamie’s solution of buying him and freeing him later was the only way they could have helped him like she wanted, given the realities of the time period.

I was pleased to see Grey again and learn that he is the Governor of Jamaica. Mostly because it now means, hopefully, that Jamie is in the clear. With Grey being the person Leonard wants to hand Jamie over to, Grey should be able to get him off scot free. After all, he helped him escape Ardsmuir prison and with him holding the highest office in Jamaica it should be even easier for Grey to help Jamie out here. And why wouldn’t he? Again, he’s done it before. Despite Jamie getting arrested at the end, I’m not afraid for him – much – for that very reason.

I was really hoping that Willie had been on the island with him already. It was this first thing I thought of when I saw him. I was so ready for Jamie to see his son again, as a grown man, and for Claire to get to meet him. Although, given how uncanny the resemblance was between them, it was perhaps better that they weren’t in the same room together.

Grey seemed very happy to see Jamie, like he still held some romantic affection for him. It was hilarious how awkward – and a little jealous – Claire looked to be as she watched the two men interact. Especially when Grey pointed out that Jamie had gifted him the sapphire and he mentioned how precious it was to him. And of course, Geillis spotted it as well and quickly got her claws on it. From the preview of the season finale it looks like she’ll at least try to use the stone and maybe Young Ian (she killed her husband for this after all) to pass through the stones in Jamaica.

Random thoughts:

  1. Why does Jamie keep using his real name?!
  2. How does a parasol make you respectable and why is Claire such a bitch about it?
  3. There’s now way he understood what Jamie said.
  4. Geillis is still trying to put a Scot on the throne?
  5. Willoughby is smoother than silk.
  6. I bet Brianna is the child who was 200 years old at birth.
  7. I knew Leonard would be there, but he showed up pretty late.

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