Once Upon a Time S06E04 Recap

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This week we got to see how Jekyll and Hyde’s story began…and how it ended.

297cdd6b7bac8889eba4929809ec6da6Both Jekyll and Hyde died this week and how was rather interesting. The show introduced a plot twist that, honestly, I didn’t see coming; in order to kill Hyde, you needed to kill Jekyll. The copy cannot die unless the original does.

This introduces a dilemma for Regina, who herself is actively trying to get rid of her own doppelganger. She can’t kill the Evil Queen without killing herself. Obviously, that’s not going to happen so we’re still stuck where we’ve been from the beginning; how do we get rid of the Evil Queen? I have every confidence in Team Good that they will find a way to get rid of the Evil Queen without killing Regina.

Another plot twist this week that was unpredictable is the fact that Jekyll, and not Hyde, is the evil one. Kind of. Hyde is was still evil, but that doesn’t mean that Jekyll is good. As Regina explained, using the potion to remove the darkness from yourself does not get rid of your capacity for evil. So Regina is still totally capable of becoming the Evil Queen again, which gives more credence to Emma’s theory that the person under the hood who’s going to kill her is Regina (I expect a therapy session with Hopper next week where she divulges all of this). I don’t think that it will be Regina though and I still don’t believe that Emma will die.

She’s the main character, the Saviour. She has plot armour and this is another situation that Team Good will find a way out of…if Emma ever tells them that is (they really can’t fix a situation they know nothing about).

I don’t think that the person under the hood is Regina because I don’t see the writers taking her character in that direction. I could be wrong, but I just can’t see it. I think that ultimately Regina will recombine with the Evil Queen, accept that part of herself and through her acceptance finally find peace and be able to move on and start over and be the good person she wants to be, or, she will be strong enough not to turn to evil again.

Hyde – and also Jekyll – dying was unexpected. Especially after Gold stabbed him and he didn’t die. I expected him to be on the show longer. It seemed like he was going to be the big villain of the season (or at least it’s first half) alongside the Evil Queen.

I also completely forgot that Aladdin is in the show this season because he hasn’t shown up since the first episode. Even when Jasmine made her debut it still didn’t register in my brain that he’s actually in the show until the oracle showed up at the end.

Speaking of, the actress that plays the oracle cannot act.

ouatIn Storybrook Jasmine is a teacher at the school with Snow. That is another thing that happened earlier than I thought it would; Snow returning to teaching. I did not think that she would until the end of the season. More like at the end of the show really. Things haven’t returned to normal yet and she said that’s what she wanted. So I thought that she would wait for that to happen and keep fighting the Good fight as per usual.

I suppose this way is better, though, because it means that she’s proactive about making her life what she wants it to be instead of sitting around and waiting for what she wants to happen, happen; she’s making it happen through her own efforts. That’s a far better direction to take her story and character.

But someone who’s absolutely not getting what they want is Rumpelstiltskin.

He is really going about getting back with Belle the wrong way. She wants space so he should just give it to her. As they say; “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it was always yours. If it doesn’t it never was.” She is not having any of this with him. He’s resorting to threats and entrapment and he think’s he’s doing what’s best for her, but he really isn’t. None of that is going to win her over and he should know that. In fact, I think he does. Either he doesn’t care or he’s so used to being the Dark One that he doesn’t know any other way.

I’m just as tired as Belle is with him. But, I don’t agree with her whole thing of him needing to change. She’s not on that train anymore, she’s just done with him all together now. But she knew who she got with. She knew who he was and what he was. It’s kind of unfair for her to want and expect and tell him to change. He is who he is. If she can’t love him and accept him as the Dark One, then she needs to let him go as much as he needs to let go of her.

I used to ship them hard but at this point, just end their relationship already!

Random thoughts:

  1. Nope! Do not like Gold’s hair. Change it back!
  2. Is Rumple everywhere and in everyone’s stories?
  3. Did Galavant get cancelled again? Why is Karen David here?
  4. I forgot Henry has a girlfriend
  5. I really don’t like Gold’s hair.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8 PM on ABC.

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