No Regrets – This Tune Brown Teatime Sweet

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Brown Tea Times! Sweeet!

This is the longest I’ve ever taken to write a review, which doesn’t really make sense because technically I already reviewed this song. As I thought when I first heard the song – and I continue to think now – this song so hard! Lennox went off on the “slow wine with yuh natural queen” vibes. This song could easily fit in a tale about a real, real rasta couple making their unity.

What really draws me into this song is the production. Just the way that the chants come in to give me a vibe straight from Disney’s The Lion King. The spacious drums commence the build of the music and the way the strings just ease in…LOOK! I was hooked from the start. My immediate thought was: “This would be a good song to slow dance to yuh girl with when the lights turn on at 4:00 am in the dance.” And I know when y’all hear it you get the vibe. The alternative is you in your kitchen a morning, making smoothies and playing up with your woman and making her laugh. I’m sorry but it’s now law. These are the only two things you can do when this song is playing. Or do whatever you want to, I’m not going to sue you.

The lyrics of the song are nice, but I was personally way more moved by the melody. If I’m being honest, the only words that really stayed with me were: “Brown tea times…yum.” It’s not that the background chants are overpowering, I just personally prefer to hear them? If that makes any sense. Just the way everything comes together really makes this work for me.

All in all, as I’ve said before, this song hard. It’s BEEN hard. This review is late, but it’s not too late. Head over to Spotify, YouTube, call a radio station, tell a DJ friend to get it. Do SOMETHING to listen to this song. Trust me It is VIBES!

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