Mix 96.9 Changes Direction

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In a statement released to the radio station’s Facebook page yesterday, Scott and Anne Marie Weatherhead explained their decision to move the station away from secular music to a 100% Christian radio station.

They began adding Christian music to the station in 2008 and in the following year had “[given their] lives to the Lord.” They’d started to remove more and more secular music from their playlist over the years due to increasingly “negative content” such as “hate, drug use, alcohol abuse [and] sexual innuendo.”

They believe that “[m]any of our young people are lost, and God would like them to know him, and to have a relationship with him” and seek to use the station as a “guiding light” for their target audience – “young adults and the young at heart” – and bringing them closer to God so that they may establish a relationship with Him.

They stressed that the change was not motivated by commercial or financial reasons and that the name of the station will not change.

The response to the news has been overwhelmingly positive, with many of their listeners in the post’s comments expressing excitement at the station’s new direction, congratulating them on the move and showing their support.

Read the full statement below.

Today, marks a new beginning for this radio station. Last night at midnight (May 9th) the old MIX 96.9 FM died, and a…

Posted by MIX 96.9 FM on Tuesday, May 9, 2017


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