Microsoft Edge is the Best Browser…in terms of battery life

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Many of us PC enthusiasts would be very surprised hear about any browser Microsoft has made that is the best at anything, but that is just what Microsoft is claiming. This is hardly the first time Microsoft is claiming such a thing however;  back in June they went on record stating that its new Edge browser is best in class with its battery performance. Thus in their eyes, made it the obvious choice when it comes to streaming content. Some of its rivals at the time questioned the legitimacy of the tests run, and to remove all doubt about its testing, Microsoft is now back with another one.

In a statement released by Microsoft about the recent test, they said “The Microsoft Windows team measured the time it took four identical Surface Book laptops to run fully through their batteries while streaming video from Netflix. The results were recorded with a camera and a time lapse was made available publicly.” They then went on to mention how the Microsoft Edge browser lasted 23% longer that Opera’s offering, and massive 45% longer than Google Chrome. It was worth noting the Surface Book laptops were running the windows 10 anniversary update, which may have given an unfair advantage in Edge’s favour.

All is not a full sweep for the Edge browser however – the lack of wider extension support and real world stability should be a grave concern for Microsoft. It is however, a great sign of things to come, hopefully Chrome and other browsers can step up their game in response to Microsoft’s clear intention to be number 1 in the world.


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