LUX, Colorz and Krave Launch Online

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Band launch season is in full swing this weekend, with three virtual launches last night from LUX, Colorz Entertainment and Krave the Band and a cooler fete and launch party tomorrow, Sunday, from Xhosa Barbados.

Virtual launches are a definite trend for 2019. Of the five bands that have launched so far – Khepri Kulture, Zulu International, LUX, Colorz and Krave – only one band has gone the traditional route of having a launch party/fete.

Of the announced upcoming launches – the aforementioned Xhosa, Blue Box Cart and Betty West on April 28th and Baje International on May 4th  – three will be launch parties/fetes (Baje has not yet announced what form their launch will take).

LUX and Colorz kicked things off last night with their launches at 7:00 PM, presenting their costumes for Outlaws: The Pirate Era and Eden, respectively.

LUX is offering costumes in three sections – Captain Red Legs, Rebellion and The Secrets of Sam Lord – and an additional guest section, Stede Bonnet. Female costumes range from $319 USD to $995 USD and male costumes from $299 USD to $425 USD.

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Coloz has seven sections – Animal Kingdom, Genesis, Heaven, Sun & Soil, Flora, Forbidden Fruit and Serpent – with prices for female costumes ranging from $275 USD/$550 BBD to $900 USD/$1800 BBD.

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Krave launched one hour later, at 8:00 PM, and their theme for 2019 is “The Gilded Menageriè.” Under this theme, the band has eight sections entitled Phoenix, Maraja, Valkyrie, Garuda, Eden, Enchantress, Feywild and Golden Kai. Krave’s prices are not publicly listed.

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Registration for all three bands has opened. Registration for LUX and Krave can be done on their websites and for Colorz via Carnival Pal.

Watch the launch videos below:

LUX – Outlaws: The Pirate Era.

Welcome to this magical, mythical land of beauty, love, lust and evil!!! EDEN!!! Crop Over 2019!!!!

Posted by Colorz Entertainment on Friday, April 12, 2019

Krave The Band presents The Gilded Menagerie for Crop Over 2019. Enter our Realm of Mythical Creatures. Be bold and explore the wonderful world of mystery and magic. Fairytales do come true and Krave will make your fantasy a reality. We are excited to share our vision with you. ••REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR PRE – REGISTERED PERSONS ONLY. *CLICK LINK IN BIO! #Kravetheband #ThisisKrave #gildedmenagerie #CropOver2019 #readyornotherewecome #Kravetour #Kadoomentday #Carnival2019 #partybandoftheyear #year6 #nokraverleftbehind #xayamacainternational #Coderedbda #Livebarbados #OnlyChampions #nonicarnival #Medz #Caribbeanvibes #Ignitebim #Rebel

Posted by KRAVE the BAND on Friday, April 12, 2019

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