Luke Cage S01E12 Recap

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As promised, here are the recaps for the second half of Luke Cage. The recaps for these episodes will be published separately, as individual articles, instead of in one big post like the first six episodes. Happy reading!


“There’s something powerful about seeing a black man that’s bulletproof and unafraid.”

After all of the anti-Luke sentiment from Mariah’s rally last episode, it was nice to see so many people showing love and support for Luke and believing in his innocence. And also smart enough to realise that the narrative they’ve been fed doesn’t make any sense and is totally inconsistent.

lc-s01e12I liked the montage of people buying and wearing hole ridden hoodies, but I was holding my breath the entire time thinking that someone would get shot by the police thinking that it was him.

I really don’t understand what Diamondback is trying to do anymore. Does he have a plan? I don’t think he does. As predicted, Candice confessed and now Mariah is in deep trouble. He just seems mad with jealously and hatred and blinded by it. Again, he is going down the same road that Cottonmouth did.

And always so ready to kill someone! Shades should have known they were sent to kill him the moment they sprung him out of jail and especially when he saw the two new guys. He’s no idiot. He had to have seen that coming. I’m also still convinced that he has a romantic interest in Mariah.

Holding her face and the way he spoke to her after she killed Cottonmouth, now bringing her the wine bottle she used to hit him as some kind of gift, the way he is speaking to her now...This is more than just manipulating her for power.

Also, where did he get the bottle and Luke’s file? Where did he go and what exactly did he do after killing Zip and the two other dudes?

And like I guessed, he did try to make a move against Diamondback. I never would have suspected he would try to use Luke to do it, though.
That was yet another parley that ended in disaster (they really should stop holding those) and Pops’ barber shop got destroyed again. Literally everyone knows to look for Luke there and I’m not surprised Diamondback showed up. Or Misty. She really didn’t need to track him. He is always there.

lc-s01e12_3I’m guessing Diamondback’s suit is the rest of what goes with the glove. I’m interested in seeing how exactly it levels the playing field; we know it gives him increased strength and we just saw that it’s bullet proof – he’s essentially Luke now – but I think it has to do more than that. He’s so confident that he can beat Luke with it that I think we haven’t seen all that it can do. Simply being as strong as Luke isn’t enough to beat him, I think.

Random thoughts:

  1. I was so wrong about Ridley. I trust her now.
  2. Mariah’s assistant, Alex, is a little too enthusiastic.
  3. He slapped that dude upside his head XD!
  4. Candice is gonna die.
  5. “What’s in the box?” “One of the seven deadly sins.” – Is this an intentional Seven reference?
  6. Domingo sit down. You can’t beat Diamondback.
  7. Told ya Domingo.

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