Luke Cage S01E11 Recap

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As promised, here are the recaps for the second half of Luke Cage. The recaps for these episodes will be published separately, as individual articles, instead of in one big post like the first six episodes. Happy reading!


I hope the people in this club, that were so anti-Luke and eating up everything Mariah was saying have realised that her security people are randomly shooting at Luke with not a care in the world for whether or not they get hit in the cross fire. I hope they see what is going on here and that they cannot trust Mariah.
I am glad that Inspector Ridley realised that something was up and became suspicious of Mariah. How is it that so soon after this situation started she is facilitating an arms deal with a seller who just happens to have bullets that can harm Luke? Where did she get these weapons? It’s a well known fact now that her cousin sold guns so its not hard to make that connection. And right when she started this whole anti-Luke campaign, with arming the police force against enhanced people like him at the core of it? Mariah is being so very, very transparent.

lc-s01e11I love Claire, she is so not a damsel in distress. She just does whatever needs to be done. If she sees anyone in need, she’s there and ready to help. She’s clever, quick thinking, smart and incredibly resourceful. She knows what to do to get herself and others out of a bad situation.

Alvarez needs to get out of Harlem and set himself up as a crime boss elsewhere. Both of the crime bosses he has worked for/with have had an obsession with Luke  and have been brought down by it. He needs to leave Luke where he is. Diamondback is falling into the very same pit that Cottonmouth did and spiraling. Hard.

I don’t understand what he is trying to do here.

Why release the hostages? Why keep them alive at all? If they can – and they are – contradict the story that he and Mariah have been feeding everyone then nothing they are pinning on Luke will stick. It’s clear that he isn’t thinking straight. And Mariah will be hurt by this more than anyone; Candice is alive so she can confess to Mariah paying her to lie about Luke killing Cottonmouth. Her career is going to crumble for good and she is going to become a full time crime boss. Mariah cannot get out of this unscathed.

lc-s01e11_3Diamond back is doing the opposite of what will help him achieve what he wants to. His whole plan has collapsed.

And he’s yet another villain in the MCU that went bad because of daddy issues. First Loki, Kilgrave, Fisk..they all have daddy issues. Cottonmouth had grandmother issues. The motivating factors behind Marvel villains is usually somehow rooted in their childhoods and their parents. It’s very Freudian.

Random thoughts:

  1. “What you talkin’ bout Willis?” XD!
  2. Alvarez is the only person with sense here.
  3. Not everybody with daddy issues is evil Marvel!
  4. I like this bonding between Misty and Claire.

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