Luke Cage S01E10 Recap

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As promised, here are the recaps for the second half of Luke Cage. The recaps for these episodes will be published separately, as individual articles, instead of in one big post like the first six episodes. Happy reading!


lc-s01e10Reva knew everything! About Rackham, the fights, all of it!

I knew she knew about the experiments, but I thought the fights were something separate from them. But they weren’t; they were part of the selection process for the experiments. She was a part of all of it! And the calm, detached way she spoke about Luke in her video logs (even at the point when he’d lost his humanity; the point at which she stared to show feelings for him) makes me think she was lying to him the entire time and she never actually loved him.

I’m as shell shocked as Luke!

And the Harlem Police Department though! They are falling apart. That officer beat up a child!

I understand that the officers that make up the department don’t know Luke and who he is and they only know him from what they see in the media, but come on! Shouting out “My name is Luke Cage!” after murdering the police officer has to be the biggest clue that it’s a set up and Luke is innocent. They can’t be that stupid. Plus, the fact that literally everyone that Luke has traded blows with has lived to speak about it should make it seem strange to them that he just up and killed someone all of a sudden. It’s inconsistent with his past actions.

I know they have to bring him in for questioning regardless because his name keeps coming up, but they’re not going after him like that. He is 100% guilty in their minds and their closeness to the case is clouding their judgement. They are going after him as if he it’s been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did it and going way overboard in trying to bring him in.

Misty is the only one being sensible.

lc-s01e10_2Mariah is the Queen of Spin. I admire her for how craftily she is weaving this narrative to push her own agenda and how successfully she has done it. But I hate her for turning the public against Luke; something Cottonmouth failed to do spectacularly and here she succeeded. She truly is in her element. This is where she shines. Again, it was always her; she is the one who should have taken over the family business.

I really do hate that she managed to turn at least some of the Harlem community against Luke. I get that they’re scared and angry and people tend not to be rational when they’re high on emotion, but everything he did for them can’t be that far from their minds. But these people are probably the ones who thought he was trouble to begin with.

Also, I’m pretty sure Diamondback knows that she killed Cottonmouth. Or at least knows that Luke didn’t do it. I don’t think it matters to him much who killed him because this is and has been a situation he can manipulate to benefit himself. And he’s been doing that.

It looks like Luke and Claire are getting closer. On the one hand I like it and am all for it. Ship all the way! But on the other hand I am so Team Luke/Jessica. I know she is so not even on his radar, but given what little I know about their comic book lives thanks to Emergency Awesome, I just really want them to happen. But I can get behind Luke/Claire (Laire? Cluke? LuClaire?)

Random thoughts:

  1. Isn’t it illegal to question a minor without their parent present?
  2. This kid is not letting this police officer bully him!
  3.  Yea I knew that data wasn’t lost.
  4. Luke’s father though!

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