Luke Cage S01E09 Recap

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As promised, here are the recaps for the second half of Luke Cage. The recaps for these episodes will be published separately, as individual articles, instead of in one big post like the first six episodes. Happy reading!


I knew it! Misty’s animosity toward Luke is rooted in their one night stand. I didn’t want to say it. But she said it herself and confirmed my suspicions.

lc-s01e09It was good seeing her be vulnerable in this episode. To see her open up and show a different side of her. She still had a bit of an attitude the entire time – and she has an attitude with everyone – but vulnerability is good. She’s kind of hostile toward everybody. Not just the therapist but also toward, Inspector Ridley, Captain Audrey (except when she got fired), Luke, Claire…The only person that she was never hostile toward was Scarfe and he was the person that betrayed her.

I don’t really trust Inspector Ridley. She is far too keen on Luke being guilty. I think that she’s working with Diamondback and is part of his plan to take Luke out of the picture. The second she arrived I didn’t trust her (mostly because Misty doesn’t) and I still don’t. But now I think she’s working for Diamondback.

I said in the recap for the last episode that Mariah wasn’t showing any remorse or grief concerning killing Cottonmouth, but she did this episode when she was viewing his body at the morgue. She really let her feelings come out. Until Alvarez showed up. I guess she just needed to be alone to mourn and show her feelings. She pretty much has always done that; just about she has an outburst and/or we get to see the real her, she’s along.

As despicable as she and Cottonmouth are, it’s still very touching to see her say goodbye to him.

She did say she raised him herself, so he’s essentially her son. And to lose her son, at her own hands no less, must have been really difficult.

I didn’t believe her either when she said she wanted to get out of the crime business. Not that I think that she was lying, but from a narrative standpoint even if she wants to get out I don’t see that happening. And so said, so done. She gets into business – somewhat unwillingly – with Diamondback. It’s not exactly crime since they’re going to sell the Judas weapons to the police. But Diamondback is still a criminal.

Later on in the episode when we see Diamondback again he’s at the club with Alvarez. I get the feeling that Alvarez is none too happy with the fact that Diamondback is there and he immediately lost all of the power he very briefly held. I think that later on Alvarez will try to make a move on Diamondback so that he can get back that power. He doesn’t seem to want to be just a henchman at this point.

lc-s01e09_2Assaulting the police officers is not going to help Luke’s case, but what else could he do? He can’t afford to be arrested right now. Even if he is found to be innocent of everything he has been charged with, he did still do that and that is one that can stick.

I’m glad Claire took the initiative and did research to try and find out how to help Luke. But, where did she think that he was? She wasn’t trying to look for him or anything and we didn’t see her trying to check up on him. Did she think he was just going to find her?

After all of his displays of physical strength and invulnerability, seeing Luke in pain and suffering is hard. This isn’t supposed to be able to happen to him.

I don’t trust Dr. Burstein. He seems like the kind of doctor/scientist who would get too carried away with his experimentation. He still continued with the experiment after leaving the prison and he didn’t even have the resources he had before or the information.

Random thoughts:

  1. Why always so hostile Misty?
  2. Is the middle of a diner the best place to be looking up that stuff Claire?
  3. Am I the only one who cringed when they stuck the needle down Luke’s throat?
  4. Diamondback always so ready to kill people.

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