Lethal Weapon SO1EO4 Recap

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“Crazier than a sack of cats,” is indeed an accurate description of Riggs, however in this episode he did show he has a cool collected side. Murtaugh on the other hand showed he could be just as crazy and lose as Riggs, with landed in therapy.

It was revealed in this episode, that the reason for Murtaugh moving out of his old neighbourhood was to get away from all the crime. Also giving his son access to better school was a plus, so he was very upset when a string of robberies started taking place near his home; some may say he was a bit too upset.

This episode had more heart in it than any of the previous instalments- watching Murtaugh deal with Riggs after finding out about him picking up RJ was interesting to watch. On one hand I understand being protective of your kids, but Murtaugh’s fear was somewhat justified, (RJ and Marcus were pulled over by a white cop, most of us know what could have happened)

In the end however, Riggs was just trying to help out; the way Murtaugh reacted, going so far as to punch Riggs in the face, was really uncalled for.

Seeing Riggs as the cool and collected man this week was funny in its own little way though.

Avery: You know, as much as I enjoy you both sitting there with your mouths shut, you two need to bury the hatchet. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this: get back to being your usual pain in the ass selves.

Dr. Cahill certainly knows how to handle these two by now though. I really liked how she acted like the grown up between these two guys as they bickered like children. Anyone who was keeping up with the show certainly knew that a counseling session between these two guys was going to happen eventually, and it did not disappoint.

“There Goes The Neighbourhood” really showed how just like how Murtaugh likes going back to his old home ground for the community love, he and Riggs need to be honest and talk to one another to achieve that level of harmony and trust.

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