Lethal Weapon S01EO5 Recap

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The Stunts in this series must be obeying the laws of cartoon physics- how on earth did they survive the fall into that pool? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 5 (Spilt Milk) however shows a difference side of Riggs, a side which he begins to open up about after see how much of this case hit home with him. He saw himself in Chad Jackson- just a guy who found him on rough times. Chad was a veteran who could not find a job and took meds to help deal with his stress. What he did not know, was that thes drugs were driving him and everyone one else in his group crazy.

Riggs of course, is no stranger to being crazy, some may say that is what he is known for. In this case however, he knows that Chad cannot control himself, so he tries to protect him. He was willing to put his life on the line to protect this man he did not know- some would argue he did this because he realised he could end up like Chad if he did not change the way he is now.

Murtaugh on the other hand spent the most part of the episode trying to paint parallels between Riggs and Chad. Not so much for making a joke, more so to help him to understand Riggs a little more. Murtaugh acting on his crazy at the latter part of this episode was hilarious to see; I mean seriously, who apart from Riggs would have though jumping out of the window was the best plan they could have come up with?

Murtaugh being jealous of Trish’s new assistant was cute, Trish however handled it as expected, with grace and ease. The Murtaugh family moments are always nice to see, him playing basketball with Riana was nice to see, showed him as more than just a serious cop but a family man at heart.

The side characters had their time to shine this week- Cruz and Bailey started off on a rocky footing. She did was not fond of him at all, but by the end of the episode he started to grow on her, though I am sure he is not fully in her good books as yet.

So what did you think of these week’s episode, did you like it as much as we did? Leave your thoughts down below!

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