Legion S01E08 [FINALE] Recap

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This was a spectacular – and a little unfair – ending to a spectacular series which is undoubtedly one of the best comic book television series ever, certainly from Marvel or DC.

The only part of the episode I didn’t really care for was the opening sequence which showed the aftermath of David’s rescue from the clutches of Division 3. I did not care what was going on with Clark – formerly known as The Interrogator – or what he went through and I questioned why we were seeing it. Of course, by the end of the sequence it was made clear that his experience motivated him to go after David and company, but it felt unnecessary to me. Clark spent the rest of the episode in custody at Summerland.

After his impressive display of his powers, the last thing I expected David to want to do is talk to Clark. Not that I thought that he would try to kill him or anything, but that is the last thing that I would think that anyone would want to do with someone who has interrogated, captured and tried to kill them. Wallace’s insistence on killing Clark was simultaneously hilarious and annoying. His attitude for the past few episodes was a bit irritating, especially toward David. I liked Melanie’s idea of reading Clark’s mind to get information about Division 3. It didn’t look like they got anything though because David’s headband started failing and he passed out.

While David was doing that, Syd was talking to the Shadow King in the White Room. This scene confused me. I assumed that they were in David’s head, which is where they always were when they went to the White Room, but it seemed to have been in Syd’s head this time. If it had been in David’s, I’d think he would have been aware of the conversation. I’m not quite sure what Syd was trying to achieve by telling Clark about the Shadow King. He didn’t seem to believe it. For a brief moment I thought that she was trying to get the Shadow King to possess him. In any case, I was hoping that the Shadow King was bluffing when it said that the only way to remove it from David was if it left willingly.

That seemed to be the case since Cary and Oliver were successfully extracting it from David, as painful as it looked, so Syd didn’t have to take up the Shadow King’s offer of helping it leave David. But good things never happen so easy in fiction and the Shadow King’s threat manifested as it trying to strangle David within his own mind. Which then became David strangling himself which was really confusing. But I digress.

I thought that the Shadow King would have done more body jumping. Syd’s power made her the appropriate person for it to use to find it’s way out of David and Kerry was best suited for fighting it’s way out of Summerland. I was very disappointed in Wallace for not even hesitating to shoot Kerry. I would like to think that he only intended to incapacitate her.

I forgot that the Shadow King had powers outside of those of it’s host and was excited to see it have an all out super powered brawl with David (who seemed to have no qualms about potentially hurting Kerry). All they did was run at each other and knock the other backward when their force fields collided. Luckily for Kerry it knocked the Shadow King out of her, but unluckily for Oliver it knocked it right into him. I found that so unfair.

First Melanie gets him back and he doesn’t remember her at all. Then the second he does, he gets possessed by the Shadow King who runs away in his body. She just got her husband back after twenty years! It looked like he was somewhat complicit in his possession, however, because in the final shot with “Lenny” he seemed pretty okay with it and friendly with his little parasite. That wasn’t the only cliff hanger in this finale; David got trapped in…something. That was an interesting and unexpected way to end the season and I’m really looking forward to seeing where the story goes from there.

Random thoughts:

  1. Took me a while to realise that the bandaged man was The Interrogator.
  2. Clearly he underestimated David.
  3. Forgive Cary, Kerry!
  4. You have an army. They have a David.
  5. You know he’s not going to stay in there Kerry.
  6. Where did David just come from?
  7. So…he’s in a pokeball?

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