Legion S01E07 Recap

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There’s only one episode left in the season and so far it’s been an amazing ride.

This week we learned the true identity of The Devil With The Yellow Eyes and where it came from. It’s real name is Amahl Farouk a.k.a the Shadow King and it was once defeated in a battle on the astral plane by David’s father, who has been confirmed to be Charles Xavier. Weakened, it found and possessed baby David after Charles had given him up for adoption for his safety.

All of this we learned when David deduced it himself while having a conversation with his rational mind (who’s English – like his father and Dan Stevens – because he’s rational). I figured that David would have to assemble a few more facts – several even – to draw that conclusion. But like English David said, he knew everything that the Shadow King knew, so I’m guessing he tapped into it’s memories a little bit.

Armed with this new knowledge, David busts out of the mental coffin that the Shadow King imprisoned him in and went back to reclaim his body.

Meanwhile, Syd rounded up Kerry and Rudy as Melanie, Cary and Oliver worked on getting Cary’s head band on David so that he could pull them out of the astral plane, without them all getting shot and killed once time unfroze.

The Eye’s death was brutal and honestly I didn’t expect it. I thought that they were going to leave him in the astral plane. I never really hated him so much as found him creepy and annoying because he always seemed to be around where ever Danny and company were. I wasn’t sad to see him go.

Like David, I thought that they’d gotten rid of the Shadow King. When Rudy grabbed it and they were both violently pulled away I was under the impression that Rudy had taken it with him when he died. Unfortunately, the Shadow King is not so easy to kill. It’s locked in the mental coffin that it had locked David in and it looks like it’s about to get out.

The final showdown between David and the Shadow King is yet to come. The battle will take place entirely in David’s head, I imagine, since it does not have a body. It did demonstrate a couple of episodes ago that it can manifest itself in the real world. Whether or not that form is tangible remains to be seen. Doing so left David a mess in the real world, however, so I don’t think that that will happen unless the Shadow King has gotten very powerful.

Random thoughts:

  1. Don’t stop running Kerry.
  2. Charles is his father confirmed!
  3. Syd’s on top of things.
  4. That was an awesome Patrick Stewart impression.
  5. Oliver’s back!
  6. How did they find them?!

The season finale of Legion will air next Wednesday at 10 PM on FX.

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