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We spent the entirety of this week’s episode in the version of Clockworks that I thought was David’s creation in an attempt to save Syd from being attacked by the Devil With The Yellow Eyes in the White Room, but was actually created by the Devil With The Yellow Eyes itself. The reason it sent everyone there was to keep David “comfortable” so that it could have free reign over his body.

It sees David’s interpersonal relationships as a hindrance that keep it from achieving its goal. Said goal seems to be attaining power and David, being the uber powerful mutant that he is, is the perfect vessel for that. By combining its powers with David’s it can effectually make itself a god – or at least “give God a run for His money” as it put it – and that seems to be its ultimate goal.

The Devil With The Yellow Eyes confirmed its parasitic relationship with David has endured for far longer than I had assumed. I thought that it had attached itself to him when he was a child, around the age he was when we saw him with King. But according to the Devil With The Yellow Eyes, it’s been with him “since the womb.” David was born with this inside of him, longing for his power and destroying his mind, for his entire life. That explains why he saw it as King as a child, before his mutant powers had ever emerged.

It made it sound like it could sense David’s power even in utero and the potential that he possessed and that’s what attracted it to him. It’s also the reason why Charles gave him up for adoption in the first place; to get David away from it. I don’t see how that would have worked though – and we know that it didn’t – since it has been a part of David since before he was born.

We learned a lot about the Devil With The Yellow Eyes in this episode. It essentially gave David a villain monologue. We started delving into its backstory sooner than I thought we would, but there are only two episodes left. This is something that I expected would happen in the penultimate episode, right before the climax of the season. Perhaps we’ll learn even more next week.

Syd was the only one who was unconsciously aware that what she was experiencing wasn’t real. The Devil With The Yellow Eyes watched her very closely and it was smart of it to have David believe that she suffered from delusions; of course David wouldn’t believe anything she said if that were the case. Even without tinkering in David’s mind to change her diagnosis, her being in a psychiatric hospital would made her words less credible.

In the end it just lured her away and locked her in the room behind the door in the hallway, which I’m not quite sure what it is. The Devil With The Yellow Eyes’ trippy little traipse through the places we’ve seen David in thus far didn’t help in determining what the room is either, but it did show that the room can be changed to anything. In any case, as it said, keeping David comfortable was a lot of work and Syd presented a major problem. Lulling her to sleep and locking her up was a good means of keeping her out of the way.

Oliver came to their rescue, though, by pulling them out of the fake Clockworks. Or rather, he pulled out Cary and Cary pulled out Melanie (if that was him in the diving suit then) and woke up Syd. I was hoping that Oliver and Melanie would have a reunion in the astral plane, but that didn’t happen. A couple of questions though: Why didn’t Cary go after Kerry first, though, and what does The Eye want with her?

Random thoughts:

  1. The Devil With The Yellow Eyes is a very aggressive therapist.
  2. Why is Amy a touchy nurse and a bully? Is this her real personality?
  3. I wouldn’t put on those headphones if I were you, Syd.
  4. David saw the door! And heard the music Syd was listening to behind it! There’s his proof that Syd is telling the truth.

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on FX.

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