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Now that we’ve had an episode from a perspective other than David’s, we’re starting to get some answers and, dare I say, learn the “truth” – the most illusive thing in this entire series thanks to David’s mental instability. But these answers, as answers tend to do, only lead to more questions.

Like: Who the hell is Benny? Why did the Devil With The Yellow Eyes replace him with Lenny in David’s memories? Was Lenny even real?

We don’t know the full extent of David’s powers so for all we know, she was something that he manifested into the real world. Who knows? I do think that she was real since Syd acknowledged killing her when she was in David’s body. I can’t really be sure though. But I am positive that the Lenny that David has been seeing since her death, is not the Lenny that we met when she was alive.

I was wondering why David didn’t run into the Devil With The Yellow Eyes when he left Oliver’s ice room, since he was told that it was looking for him. I wasn’t surprised when Lenny appeared afterward because that’s a regular occurrence at this point. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that I realised that he had, in fact been found by the Devil With The Yellow Eyes; it was Lenny.

Lenny has been the Devil With The Yellow Eyes all along! Or rather, the Devil With The Yellow Eyes has been masquerading as her since her death. And this was only reinforced by his face slowly being superimposed on top of hers when she triggered David out of the astral plane. And even further still with the final shot of the episode when it’s hand appeared on David’s left shoulder, followed quickly by a smirking Lenny on his right.

I did not see that coming at all.

It makes sense then that the two memories it’s trying to keep from David – and by extension Syd and company – are the ones it would overwrite and insert her into. But why do that at all? Why change the person in the memory to begin with? I also think that the Devil With The Yellow Eyes was his dog King (which makes it that much creepier and scarier that it’s been with him since he was a child and habitually takes on the form of something or someone he cares for and is attached to).

That then begs the question of why it would bother to present itself as both a friend and a monster? Why not stick to just one? It all ties back Oliver’s empathy and fear comment. It’s attacking him on both fronts.

As to Oliver, I wish we’d spent more time with him. He’s funny and charming and his rapport with David was hilarious and entertaining. He’s quite the character. I’m curious as to how he knows so much about David and if he does, I believe he knew exactly which Melanie David was referring to. I wonder if David can get him out of the astral plane.

As soon as I questioned how it is that Cary and Kerry are the same person of the same age but look decades apart, Melanie answered by explaining that she only ages when she leaves Cary.

I didn’t understand Cary/Kerry’s story at all, only because of how it started. Did I hear wrong or did they say that Kerry was born first and Cary was born nine months later? Immediately after that they said that Cary thought he’d imagined Kerry, but how could that be if they both existed as separate beings for a time?

I should have known from the moment they gave their back story and Cary asked what would happen to Kerry if he died that something bad would happen to her. I don’t want to say she’s dead yet because we have to wait until next week to see but I’m also hoping that she’s not. I really like her. I was confused as to why she got her ass handed to her so easily when she was kicking ass only moments before.

Random thoughts:

  1. Wallace is tired of David’s crap.
  2. So Poole isn’t dead.
  3. Wasting food Amy…
  4. Syd talking to Philly wasn’t a bad idea after all.
  5. Searching his memory is more reliable and efficient. People lie. Also, not searching his memory is why you didn’t know right away that it was a trap. Your good intentions screwed the team Syd.

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on FX.

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