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This episode flew by. I was surprised when it ended because it didn’t feel like much time had passed at all. We continue our journey into David’s memories, this time with Syd in tow. Melanie had the brilliant idea of mildly sedating David since his memories were very obviously guarded and his defenseless mind is quite a place.

It seems like my suspicions that the Devil With The Yellow Eyes is the gatekeeper of David’s memories were correct. The moment that Melanie, Wallace and Syd followed David into Poole’s office and he started stealing the tape recordings of his sessions, it appeared.

Syd was the only one who could see what was happening and I suspect this is because she was David in the first episode. Just like earlier, when they visited his memory of the kitchen incident, neither Melanie nor Wallace could see it. I find it interesting that even when they’re in David’s mind they can’t see his “hallucinations.”

The more that the Devil With The Yellow Eyes tries to keep them from David’s memories, the more I want to see them. I really want to know what’s on those tapes, what happened in his therapy sessions with Poole and what makes the kitchen incident so significant.

I’m pretty sure Poole is dead, just because of that one shot of David eating the tapes with blood on his face and the shot from the last episode of Poole with his face covered in blood. As I said in the last recap, I think that the Devil With The Yellow Eyes killed Poole and it did because Poole knew something it doesn’t want known.

I’m not sure if it was chasing little David or Syd. I think that it makes more sense that it was after Syd since she is an intruder. And it did attack Melanie with The World’s Angriest Boy in the World. It also pushed them out of David’s memories earlier when they tried to find out what triggered the kitchen incident. Right after Melanie said David had felt trapped in fact. Every time they get close, it fights back.

It’s clear that sedating David was a terrible idea. I knew that the second Melanie suggested it. I knew it would be dangerous for Melanie, Wallace and Syd but I didn’t expect it to be for David himself. It appears that he’s trapped in his head with all of his personalities bombarding him.

We didn’t see much of Amy’s torture at the hands of Division 3, thankfully, beyond a quick shot of her with leeches on her body while David was watching her. I don’t think that Division 3 really thinks that she has any idea of where David is. They couldn’t. It would be nonsensical to think so. But I guess they figured it wouldn’t hurt to try? I don’t think it’s part of using her as bait. All they needed to do was capture her.

Her interrogation did reveal something I hadn’t thought of; that she always had an inkling that David had powers and was not insane. As his sister, she would have spent more time with him during their childhood than most other people and thus, she would have a better understanding – as far as a child can understand these things – of what was going on with him, having been a witness.

Random thoughts:

  1. He can control his astral projection now?
  2. X over the window!
  3. Awww his account of their body switching was so sweet.
  4. Do you really want him to think of something stressful?
  5. Awww they can touch.

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on FX.

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