Legion S01E02 Recap

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It’s only been two episodes, but so far so very, very good. This episode was just as engrossing as the first. It was not as confusing, but I did find myself lost a couple of times just because I wasn’t sure if we were in a memory/flashback or not. But that resolved itself quickly.

I really liked taking a trip down memory lane with David, although it took a dark turn. I’m curious as to why we weren’t shown his “father’s” face (I don’t think that character will be Charles since, from what little I know of the comics, Charles didn’t know he existed), but even more intriguing is why David couldn’t. He said his “father” had died only a year before so I would think he knew what he looked like. Granted, he did say he was in the hospital at the time of his death but his “father” would have visited him the same way his sister did, right?

The plot thickens!

I’m surprised to learn that David was friends with Lenny before they were committed and that they did drugs. I thought they only suffered from mental illness, but it makes sense that they would do drugs since people with mental illness do sometimes self medicate. I wonder if they were admitted together and what the circumstances surrounding their admittance were.

When Lenny first showed up, I thought she was another one of his Dead Lenny hallucinations (Can I even call her that? I’m sure she’s real.). But it didn’t make sense given where he was then and where he’d been before, hence my aforementioned confusion.

I’m also curious about why Wallace couldn’t go to David’s memory of the kitchen incident and why the door in his childhood memory closed on its own. I’m guessing that was one of David’s other personalities keeping him out. I’m thinking that it’s the Devil With The Yellow Eyes that’s responsible, but we don’t really know yet if it’s real or not or what its purpose is. For all we know (those of us unfamiliar with the comics, that is) it could be totally benevolent and just butt ugly.

I did expect it to attack David’s therapist when he went to close the door, but then nothing happened. Later on, however, there’s a shot of the therapist with a bloody face so maybe something did.

Is David’s recollection of nothing happening fake? Was the therapist really attacked by the Devil With The Yellow Eyes (or whatever was behind the door)? Or was it David but he overwrote the memory? Was it another personality entirely that took over? Was there even something behind the door to begin with? There are so many possibilities!

I’m a little worried about his sister being in the hands of Division 3. They need to rescue her ASAP. I do think that David needs to get better at understanding and controlling his powers before undertaking anything of the sort, but they could send a team that doesn’t include him to get her. Like Syd, I don’t believe they’ll kill her but that doesn’t mean they won’t hurt her in some way.

Random thoughts:

  1. Why is he important to you and what do you need him for though, Melanie.
  2. What kind of bedtime story is that?
  3. Love the swipe transitions with the MRI.
  4. Astral projection is one of his powers?

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on FX.

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