Leathal Weapon S01E03 Recap

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Was I the only one who found the ending a little weird from the norm? I mean yes, the case of the week was technically solved and the money recovered (if you call losing all of it on the streets recovered). There was however news of the beautiful Angela (Ellen Hollman) being decapitated; with no formal investigation being done into it, left a confused taste in my mouth. I would not be surprised if parts of this case appear once again later in the season.

The title for this week’s episode was “Best Buds”- this for those most part was the reoccurring sentiments being shared by the supporting characters who can see the friendship between Riggs and Murtaugh growing, much to the annoyance of the two detectives. Murtaugh’s old training officer made an appearance this week after a robbery of an armored vehicle took place. The vehicle was carrying pot money (pot the drug not the kitchen utensil), this of course led to a hilarious scene with Riggs getting high at a party while “investigating”. It would have been easy to predict from the beginning off the episode that Murtaugh’s old friend was part of the heist, however he just stole back some of the money. Which of course eventually sends him on the run from the law, though Riggs and Murtaugh were not actually making an effort to pursue him.

Riggs: So, I woke up this morning with the TV on, and you know, there’s one of those annoying commercials where couples are frolicking around, you know, overly happy, and it was difficult to watch.
Dr. Cahill: What’d you do?
Riggs: Shot the TV.

Even before the robbery went down, Riggs was at home watching TV and getting depressed at all the happy couples he was seeing on the tube. He could have simply turned off the TV, but no, he decided to shoot the damn thing. A little unstable don’t cha think? Yes, but funny none of the less. Once again Clayne Crawford’s performance as Riggs is the stand out in the show, the other characters hold their own most of the time, but Clayne is the one doing most of the lifting. They are still beating to death (poor choice or words I know) the loss of his wife as the fuel for his erratic behavior. I am willing to put up with it for now, but I can see how this can becoming really annoying in the future.lethalweapon103

As usual, any non-cable procedural police drama episode with drugs has to have cartel stereotypes in the mist, and this show is no different. This week’s episode moved from a simple robbery, to decapitation quite quickly however, so it’s safe to say the cartels will also make an appearance later in the season.

Also, am I sensing something between Riggs and his therapist? No? Ok it must be just me.

The chase scene at the end of the episode was ok for the most part. As per ususal Riggs run and gun approach gave way to destruction and mayhem on the streets (but this time, millions of dollars flying onto the street, so not a bad trade off)

Not a bad episode this week, but the stakes need to be raised. Murtaugh realized he needs to spend more time with his beautiful wife, Riggs now needs to start living again.

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