Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun) E10 Recap

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Welcome to episode 10: “Aoyama-kun Has Many Secrets”

At the end of episode 9, Aoyama ran into an old friend Kurata Kozue. This surprises the team as Aoyama never talks about himself so when someone he knows shows up, the idiot trio, while dragging Zaizen along, decide to follow Aoyama to find out more about him, in particular where he lives. Instead, they end up at someone else’s house and that someone turns out to be Ibuki Seigo, who was another member of the national team and was eventually scouted into a Spanish league youth team. Apparently, he and Aoyama make bets using home cooked food on matches, which Ibuki always seems to be winning, much to the team’s dismay.

The next day when Zaizen goes to find Aoyama, he finds him leaving earlier than usual, making himself miss practice. When Zaizen follows Aoyama, he finds him at Oshigami-Minami Academy along with Ibuki, Kozue and Takechi. It would appear that Ibuki is going to be playing with Takechi’s team, but the truth of the matter is that Ibuki loves eating and is ESPECIALLY picky about his food. In short, the his only logical reason for joining them is because of the soba shop near to the school and in general, he missed Japanese food.

When he has another match against Aoyama, Ibuki is too focused on food so they stop the match halfway through, but not before he scores one goal. Later on, Aoyama finds out that Kozue is angry with Ibuki because she has been keeping his athlete frame in mind with seasoning when she cooks for him. That being said, she discovers him drowning her carefully planned meals in mayonnaise and becomes furious with him. It would be good to note at this stage that Kozue is Ibuki’s childhood friend as well as his girlfriend (as much as she gets embarrassed about admitting it)

When Ibuki begs Aoyama to help him make up with her, he sends the two of them on a date. the date seems to  go downhill from the get-go until they reach a futsal court. In case you were wondering, ‘futsal’ is a variant of association football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors. (Thank you Wikipedia)

Even though she airs out her frustrations, Ibuki stil doesn’t seem to get it, until his stomach grumbles. Kozue offers him a meal that she brought along which he heartily declares is delicious, but only because he is hungry…..this guy….

See you next week for episode 11 entitled: “Sakai-kun’s Hairstlye has Changed” uh……this sounds disastrous

Bai bai~

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun airs on Crunchyroll every Sunday at 12:30 PM (AST)

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