Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun) E07 Recap

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Aoyama’s class is in the middle of a P.E lesson, where they are playing basketball. We are introduced to Mio Odagiri, the most popular girl in class and a regular on the basketball team so this should be a cinch for her, right? BUU BUU! She’s great at everything else except the part where she has shoot into the basket.

Even though she stays after practice to improve her skills, she’s never been able to score a basket, and this is threatening her position on the team.Mio observes Aoyama shooting perfectly and asks to be his apprentice so that she can learn his perfect shooting technique, but he tells her that it is done by feeling, which she interprets as listening to her instincts to dunk. When she finally scores a basket, Mio thanks Aoyama, and in the process touches him on his shoulder. However, when Aoyama doesn’t respond to her as he does with other people, the class interprets this as Aoyama being in love with her. (Good grief)

Tsukamoto sees what is going on and spreads the rumour of their ‘relationship’ around the school which makes even the seniors on the basketball team approach him. The rumour also spreads to the Aoyama fan club, which destroys the hopes and dreams of many girls in the club, Moka included. After avoiding some ruckus one morning, Aoyama suddenly asks Sayaka Ariga the impossible. He asks her to shake his hand……….WHHHAAAAA?! She accepts and when she finally pulls away, Aoyama faints as he normally would when someone touches him. Hard to say what is going on with him at this point.

Later on the boys invite Aoyama to arm wrestle and although he initially declines as expected, he bumps into Mio and invites her to arm wrestle with him. All is going well, until the tension from wrestling pops out one her buttons exposing her bra. At this point, the class really believes that the two are dating as Aoyama has never allowed anyone else to touch him.

It even goes as far as Aoyama giving Mio his lunchbox when she forgets her’s, on the condition that she reciprocate the favor for him the next day which she does to the shock of the school! He even invites her to watch one of his matches that same day when the other boys obstruct him from eating Mio’s food. Curiosity gets the better of Narita (the other germaphobe) and he tries to find out while they are playing online together, but Aoyama gives off an impression that it wasn’t in regards to them dating or them being in love.




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Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun airs on Crunchyroll every Sunday at 12:30 PM (AST)

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