Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun) E05 Recap

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Kae-Tan desu~ (*≧▽≦)

Before I begin *ahem *breaks character* Yeah doh, Crop Over was exhausting and I took too long of a break to get back into de ting, so…..I hay now, sooooo lewwe do de ting.

Oh! Uh, that was weird, what happened there? Oh well! On with the show! Today’s episode is “Tsukamoto’s Life is All About Laughs”

Remember in the first episode, I said right off the bat that I wanted to know what the butt guy’s (who we now know as Tsukamoto from the idiot comb) purpose was? Well, turns out he’s pretty damn useless, so damn useless that they gave him a whole episode for character development. Called it! I’ll take my award now, thank you. ‘K bye. If only that were fully the case, turns out that he was getting a bit better (in practice, at least) and the coach is grateful for using his antics to put the team in a good mood, although he does take things too far sometimes. Oh, and their captain is now part of the Aoyama fan club, thanks to his girlfriend, the reason for doing it seemed too vague —____—

The day of the match arrives, and the team arrives at Minamida Fuzoku High School, Aoyama fan club and supporters alike. Tsukamoto begins his antics when a ball comes flying at him from nowhere. It initially looks like an accident, but it turns out that the captain of this team and Tsukamoto are fairly acquainted with each other, hell, they went to the same middle school and played on the soccer team together! Ryou Kadomatsu was the center of the team at that time and hated whenever Tsukamoto would do his butt keep-up antics, so as part of his reprimanding, he would shoot a ball at Tsukamoto’s face EVERY SINGLE TIME. To be fair, I wouldn’t like if someone was constantly messing around, but resorting to violence like this isn’t the answer, at least from my perspective.

Eventually, these violent tendencies give off results, but not of the good kind. Tsukamoto becomes fearful of Kadomatsu and freezes up whenever he is in his presence. Kadomatsu then added insult to injury by then reverting to Tsukamoto as nothing more than a ‘boring statue’, how horrible!

The match begins and Fujimi pulls 1 goal ahead (thank you, Aoyama), but people start to notice that ‘that number 4 guy’ isn’t moving at all, Kadomatsu is taking advantage of Tsukamoto’s fear by receiving passes and shooting goals like there is no tomorrow. The second half begins and Tsukamoto is back on the field. Normally, he would have already been subbed out, but the team (especially the other two of the idiot combi) wants him to face and overcome his weakness, especially after they heard about what had happened by chance. He eventually snaps out of it thanks to theirs and Aoyama’s respective pep talks, and even helps Fujimi score one of the 3 more goals needed to win, thanks to his special skills! (Yay for classic shounen elements)

This episode will end on a more serious note today. Bullying is wrong. The effects of it can lead to life-changing situations if it goes unnoticed. Tsukamoto’s ordeal shows that bullying can come in many forms, but by surrounding yourself with those who care, you’ll learn that you don’t have to be alone and there are always greener pastures awaiting you.

If you or someone you know is being bullied please talk to someone, whether they are a family member, a close friend or your school counselor. Parents, if you suspect that your child is being bullied, please reassure them by proactively and positively helping them overcome it in any way that you can.


Chin up! It does get better 🙂


Kae-Tan out! See you all next week for episode 6 entitled: “Ozaki-kun Has His Pride”

Bai bai~

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun airs on Crunchyroll every Sunday at 12:30 PM (AST)

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