Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun) E03 Recap

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Kae-Tan desu~ (*≧▽≦)

Yeah, Yeah! -____- I know I’m late so instead of catching a fit, let’s jump straight into episode 3!

The team (the idiot trio, Zaizen & Aoyama) head to a restaurant because they believe that it’ll encourage them to win tomorrow’s preliminary match against Takada High School and form some bonds as an added bonus. Aoyama however isn’t convinced about the cleanliness of the place and refuses to eat or drink using any of the restaurant’s utensils.

They also run into Oshigami-Minami’s Takechi (you know the ab-flexing pervert from episode 1) after a few heated exchanges between the two sides, he eventually gets into a speed-eating contest with local fat boy, Yoshioka but he unfortunately doesn’t make the cut when dessert comes into play and ultimately gives up.

It’s the day of the Inter-High prelim match, the team is ready to begin their match against Takada High. Students from their school as well as the press have shown up, but Aoyama himself is missing. The team is frantic as Moka searches everywhere for him. Little do they know that he was baited by Kana who is the girlfriend of the opposing team’s captain. She planned to keep him stalled by removing her clothes and screaming if Aoyama moved (we all know that never would have worked anyway, Aoyama would rather die than touch someone else) We then find out that not only is Aoyama a germaphobe, he also suffers from claustrophobia (what is this guy even)

Moka eventually finds them and gets Aoyama back onto the field with 15 minutes remaining and his team down by 2 goals. They pull back the 2 goals quite quickly, but not before one of the opposing team players knocks Aoyama down to the ground. Aoyama’s uncleanliness is now below an unacceptable level for him, which causes him to move slowly and awkwardly. Takada tries to take advantage of this, but as the coach announces the final 5 minutes within the game, Aoyama comes out of his shell and scores a series of 3 final goals needed for the win. Oh did I also mention he had gave himself enough time to completely clean Takada Academy’s club room? Hilarious!

I’ll see you next week for episode 4 entitled, “Narita-kun Keeps It a Secret”

Bai bai~

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun airs on Crunchyroll every Sunday at 12:30 PM (AST)

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