Is Barbados Ready For House Music? – Vujaday Music Festival

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Short answer: no. The vast majority of local Barbadians are not exactly connoisseurs of house music or any electronic music for that matter. The average Bajan is accustomed to more than just six words per seven minute song. It also doesn’t help that house music is generally one tempo, mixed in key to give smooth transitions and ends up sounding like one really long song. Does that mean Vujaday should never return? Of course they should return!

But there’re two things to consider:

  1. Electronic music is growing in Barbados and the Caribbean
  2. Is Vujaday even catered to/for Barbadians?

There’s no doubt that electronic music is seeping its way into the Caribbean. Some of our producers even sample and adapt EDM elements into their beats. It’s also quite easy to hear road-mixes and remixes obviously inspired by EDM beats and culture. Notable in this realm would be the work of Red Bull Thr3estyle finalist Jus-Jay, arguably pioneering the EDM movement in Barbados.

Having an entire festival surrounding just house music, whilst not foreign internationally, is a little weird to our little island. Even in active EDM circles here, some people expected “heavier” drops, more mainstream DJs or at least less of a chill vibe for the majority of the shows. Which I’ll get to in a second.


Is Vujaday catered to/for Barbadians? Short answer? Nes and yo. It’s a very difficult question to answer. I’m thinking, if you want to go, then it’s there to go to. Hundreds of social butterflies and house music enthusiasts flew in from all around the world for the festival. That in my opinion was their target market. And it worked. The only complaint I heard from a non-national was the lack of an MC letting us know who was DJing at any given time. Also overpriced drinks, but that’s a staple at any music festival. Their enjoyment of the event was visible; there was not a still foot in sight for hours on end.

All in all, there’s nothing much I can say about one day that differs from the other. The decor was superb, the sound was top notch, the people were super chill and friendly [and high] and the DJs were just perfect at what they do [also high].  I got bit by a centipede, which is more a St. Joseph complaint than a complaint. But I truly did enjoy myself each day.

I look forward to Vujaday 2019.

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