Iron Fist S01E13 [FINALE] Recap

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Danny finally got wise to Harold’s wicked ways and the lengths he’d gone to to have Rand all to himself. I’m not surprised that he killed Danny’s parents. It fits into what he had been doing since the beginning the season; trying to keep Danny out of Rand so that he – and Ward and Joy – didn’t lose control of the company. He took Harold’s betrayal really hard. Even before he found out that he killed his parents. Harold simply framing him was enough to make Danny unstable. I’d forgotten about the happy go lucky, bright and happy person he’d been until Claire pointed it out.

His conversation with Madame Gao, despite how much of a bad person she is, made me love her. She is the only villain in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that I love besides Loki. She’s an evil person, but you can trust her because she doesn’t really lie. I was so annoyed with Colleen every time she interrupted her. Everything she was saying Danny needed to hear. Except for the part about killing Harold.

Someone else that annoyed me in this episode – and has been annoying me for the past few – was Joy. She was being so infuriatingly obtuse about Harold’s evilness. I’m so glad that Ward had a newspaper with him to show her what Harold was doing to Danny. And for once she didn’t believe Harold when he fed her lies. Finally! She too has become aware that Harold is a villain.

I was hoping that when she saw Ward across the street, now that she had her confirmation that her father is a terrible man, that she’d forgive him. But she was still mad at him. I get that she’s mad that he lied to her and tried to kill Harold, but as someone who fully understands the situation that he was in and was a witness and victim to Bakuto’s – and The Hand’s – wrongdoings she shouldn’t be so stubborn about it.

She shouldn’t be upset with Danny either. Certainly not so much that she’s meeting with Davos (who’s pulled a Baron Mordo and is actively trying to turn her against Danny) and plotting to kill him. And why is Madame Gao there and who is she there with? Is there with Davos, Joy or both of them? Does either of them know that she’s there? In any case, I don’t like Joy now. I never really did honestly.

Who I do like is Ward and he may just be my favourite character in the entire series. He is probably the most complex and developed character out of all of them and he’s the only one I went from despising to sympathising with and eventually to loving. He’s still a douche, but now he’s a lovable douche.

I was surprised that he was still helping Danny. Of course, he was only doing it to serve himself. I didn’t think about getting the tablet from him and neither did Team Iron Fist at first; Madame Gao was their first choice. I imagine he was very happy that he got to kill Harold again (I was happy for him). Cremating Harold was a very good idea. Although Ward wanted nothing to do with Rand Enterprises anymore, I’m glad that in the end it’s in his hands.

Danny’s fight with Harold ended very abruptly. Given that Danny is a martial arts expert and that Harold is not, it does make sense that when he got that burst of energy and confidence that he would defeat him very quickly. I would have liked it to be a little less sudden though. One thing I’m not certain about, is whether or not Danny kicked Harold onto the spike accidentally or on purpose.

I knew that The Hand would attack K’un Lun. They knew that the Iron Fist wasn’t there. It was the perfect opportunity for them. I’m curious as to how long the entrance stays open since Danny was gone for several weeks and was able to go back and find it still open. Unfortunately for him, K’un Lun is gone. I don’t think that The Hand destroyed it. I think that the monks moved it (somehow) to a new hiding place to protect it. Whatever happened to it is going to remain a mystery until The Defenders.

Overall the series was fine. It was in no way the pile of trash that critics portrayed it to be. It was slow in the beginning and it took too long to wrap up those story lines, the writing wasn’t the best, the character development wasn’t all there and the fight scenes for the most part were not very good, but it really picked up and got more interesting in the second half. It’s by no means bad. It was quite enjoyable.

Random thoughts:

  1. How is Harold going to explain his absence?
  2. They just left Madame Gao there?
  3. Listen to Claire and Colleen, Danny.
  4. There is no version of this in which we don’t kill Harold.
  5. Where did Danny come from?
  6. Really Davos? Really Joy?
  7. I think this is the part where you say “Oops” Danny.

All 13 episodes of Iron Fist are currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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