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The second that I saw the opening shot of this episode I knew that Harold was coming back. I knew that he wouldn’t stay dead and that The Hand’s cure made him functionally immortal. I didn’t expect him to come back already, I figured that that would happen closer to the end of this season and he’d be saved for the next season.

I also didn’t expect that he’d be changed when he came back, but it makes sense. In order to come back he has to die and briefly exist where ever it is that people go when they die in this universe. That’ll leave a mark on you. Whatever he experienced there, Harold remembers it.

His behaviour was so strange when he came back that I thought that being brought back made him lose his memories or regress to a child like state. He wouldn’t have been walking around in broad daylight if he’d been in his right mind. Luckily, he didn’t run into anyone who would have recognised him. He did run into who I’m pretty sure is Davos (Danny’s friend from K’un Lun whoI think is there to take him back), though.

I was taken aback by the fact that Harold didn’t at least try to kill Ward and instead apologised to him and told him that he loved him. He even granted him his freedom (which I thought that Ward would give up when Harold said that he’d reveal himself to Joy). That freedom was a lie, however, because he planted heroin in Ward’s car and had him arrested and committed to the same psychiatric hospital he’d sent Danny to and with the same psychiatrist; a better revenge than killing him, I suppose. And Ward is still trying to kill Harold.

But Harold did kill Kyle (whose name I thought was Kai this entire time). All Kyle wanted was some vanilla ice-cream. And who knew that you could kill someone with an ice-cream scoop? I couldn’t tell if Harold was nice or if his niceness was a pretense. When he crawled up next to Kyle’s dead body and expressed regret, I knew he was just crazy.

Joy knows that he’s alive now and will be filled in on everything that’s been going on. I fear for her since this Harold is prone to murderous fits of anger.

Team Iron Fist took Madame Gao back to Colleen’s dojo and she spent most of her time trying to worm her way into their psyches and mess with their heads. I knew that the truth serum wouldn’t work on her and did a figurative double take when she said that she spent the 17th century being interrogated. I knew that she was old, but not that old.

We all knew that Colleen was poisoned when she fell ill. Not even Danny knew that his Iron Fist powers could heal. The question is how did Bakuto know how to instruct Danny to use his powers that way? When Bakuto showed up in episode seven, he seemed to know what the Iron Fist meant and so did Colleen. I didn’t trust her after that and was skeptical when she told Danny to call him.

Once Colleen was all healed up she and Bakuto scooped up Danny and Madame Goa and ran to a waiting car outside. I have so many questions now! Like: Why is Madame Gao afraid of Bakuto? Who is Bakuto? Who is Colleen really? Where are they from and why do they want Danny? Why did they take Madame Gao? Just because they’re apparently not on Madame Gao’s side doesn’t mean they’re on Danny’s. They haven’t harmed him in anyway thus far and seem to be benevolent. But appearances aren’t everything.

Random thoughts:

  1. Danny: “I know what I’m doing.” No you don’t.
  2. Don’t listen to Madame Gao Claire.
  3. Where have you been Kyle?
  4. Where did they get this photo of Dany to use as a magazine cover?
  5. They defeated those military dudes far too easily.
  6. Run and take Joy with you Ward.

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