Iron Fist S01E08 Recap

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As expected, Joy is fighting to keep her position at Rand Enterprises and Ward is ready to pack up and leave. The two of them could get what they want, if only the board hadn’t tied together their severance agreements.

I have every confidence in Joy that she will succeed, unlike Ward. I knew that she would dig up some dirt on the board members to use as leverage. Honestly, does Ward not know his sister? He was there when she got the liver for Patel’s nephew. She gets things done. She does whatever it takes to get the outcome that she wants. And she does. That’s why she’s going to win this.

He can’t exactly be mad at her for rejecting the severance agreement when he agreed to consider whatever strategy she came up with before signing. The rejection of the agreement is obviously going to part of that. He’s the one that went behind her back to get a deal of his own. If anyone should be upset it’s her. The easy solution for this dilemma is for him to resign once she gains her position again.

The irony of her praising Ward for everything he’d done and achieved as a business man is that that was all Harold; someone whose shadow he’d wanted to get out of and that he had just killed. It’s a good thing that his conscience kicked in and forced him to leave the tower before he could tell Joy everything. The fact that that happened – that Joy hasn’t found out yet – makes me feel a little more strongly that Harold will come back.

There was no need for Ward to be so mean to Danny and exacerbate his guilt for getting Harold killed. That grief and guilt is what drove him to go after Madame Gao and travel to China.

I didn’t think about what flying on a plane would be like for him until he started having flashbacks to the crash. His retelling of that story felt redundant because we’d seen the flashbacks a few times before and heard him tell the story already. It didn’t need to be repeated again.

As to the dilemma of whether or not to kill Madame Gao, I sided with Colleen. I don’t think that there’s any law enforcement they can hand her over to that The Hand can’t get her from. That being said, I don’t think that killing her will get rid of The Hand. In my mind they’re like Hydra; you get rid of one leader and another one just takes over. Danny ended up doing the right thing by not killing her, despite finding out that she was responsible for the deaths of his parents.

Again, the fights in this episode felt like they had more speed and energy to them than those in episode earlier in the season. They seem to be getting better. I would like to think that they are.

Random thoughts:

  1. Awww, Claire made sure to grab the letter from Luke.
  2. Colleen, sit your ass down. You’re not going to China.
  3. Claire, sit your ass down. You’re not going to China.
  4. Jessica Jones reference.
  5. I like this drunk dude.
  6. They defeated Madame Gao’s goons really easily.

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