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I knew it! I knew that as soon as Danny made himself known to The Hand as the Iron Fist that they’d go after Harold. Really, he should have worn a mask or something when he did the challenge. Did he not think that they would put two and two together and suspect Harold in some way? Making his real identity known to them was irresponsible.

I guess it doesn’t really matter to him because he’snot actually the Iron Fist. Sure, he earned the mantle but Madame Gao confirmed my suspicions that her men had raised during the challenge; Danny was not sent to New York by the monks in K’un Lun and he didn’t return as the Iron Fist, he returned as Danny Rand.

They’re have been signs that this was the case; his goal was to get back control of Rand Enterprises, he wasn’t concerned with The Hand until he found out that they were in Rand, he has an Astin Martin (for a Buddhist monk who’s not supposed to care about material things, he has a pretty flashy car) and he broke his vow of chastity by sleeping with Colleen (which came out of nowhere; their romance was hardly built up at all). If he’d been there as the Iron Fist, his immediate actions would have been centred around finding and defeating The Hand and he would have had nothing to do with Rand Enterprises.

He’d said in a previous episode that he didn’t think that The Hand was real. Maybe if he had, he never would have left K’un Lun. The Hand was just a distant concept to him. Now The Hand is very real, especially since he’s discovered that their leader, Madame Gao, heads her operations from Rand Enterprises, only a few floors beneath him. The Hand had been in the same building as him this entire time; he didn’t need to go far at all to find them.

Unfortunately for Danny and Colleen, they were too late to save Radovan; he’d already told Madame Gao how to make the heroin and died within moments of them finding him. Danny’s recruitment of the triad for the raid on the heroin plant was a good idea. Too bad Madame Gao doesn’t seem to care about the place or need it anymore. This could have been an opportunity to deal The Hand some real damage.

She knew that he was following her when they were at Rand. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fully aware that the woman who had been reporting to her had given Danny her password and that he had complete access to their information. That woman is probably dead already. She expected him to go to the plant. She was ready for him and left before his actions could hurt her business.

One person who apparently doesn’t need to worry about Madame Gao and The Hand anymore is Harold. Because Ward killed him. I don’t that he’s dead though. I think that whatever The Hand did to cure his cancer has made him functionally immortal.

Ward did not need to see anymore dead bodies and definitely did not need to be disposing of them. I’d ask why Harold couldn’t have gotten Kai to do it, but he’s vanished from the series entirely. For someone who keeps an eye on everything, Harold seemed unable to see that Ward was losing it. Or perhaps he did and simply didn’t care. Ward was finally leaving to get away from it all, hopefully for good, and Harold blocked him from doing that. There was no way that he could have continued to treat Ward the way that he did and not suffer some kind of consequence, not with Ward in the state that he was in. I wasn’t shocked when he killed Harold and I wasn’t mad at him for doing it.

I wish that Ward could tell Joy everything. Perhaps not the bit that Harold was still alive all of these years (if he stays dead). At the same time I don’t want her to learn everything because that would put her in danger. That would be a lot to put on her plate as well when she has to deal with the lawsuit. Or rather, had to. Now that the board has ousted her, Ward and Danny it’s not her problem anymore. Ward won’t care and Danny is caught up in his own thing, but Joy loves Rand and will fight to win back her position.

Who is this man that Colleen is talking to and why is she telling him about Danny being the Iron Fist? Is she spying on Danny and setting him up for something? I don’t trust her anymore.

Random thoughts:

  1. You have the worst timing, Danny.
  2. Harold didn’t even flinch cutting off his own finger.
  3. Why is Madame Gao at Rand Enterprises?
  4. Madame Gao: “I’ve been alive long…” We can tell.

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