Iron Fist S01E04 Recap

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Danny didn’t know that The Hand is real and active, so that explains why, up until now, he hasn’t been concerned about them. Luckily – and not so luckily – for him, they’ve infiltrated Rand Enterprises; the very corporation he owns and has been struggling to take his place in since he returned to New York.

Because Harold needs Danny in order to get out from under The Hand, he gave him Rand Enterprises and everything that goes along with it. Through this exchange, we learned the nature of Harold’s relationship with The Hand; they cured his cancer (by killing him and bringing him back to life) and now he’s indebted to them.

I was not expecting that to be the kind of arrangement he had with them and the conditions under which the arrangement came to be. I thought that the cancer was a lie and just a cover story. I’m not sure anymore if Harold cares about Danny being in control of Rand Enterprises or not. I fully expect, though, that once Danny has outlived his usefulness, he’ll have him killed. After all, the Meachums very much didn’t want him anywhere near Rand. I think he gave it to Danny in order to buy his help getting rid of The Hand.

His affections toward Danny were part of that as well and I believe Ward when he said that the only person Harold cares about is himself. Danny should heed his warning (but I know that he won’t), although, I do think that Ward said that out of jealousy. It’s been clear that he and his father have a contentious relationship and that he favours Joy. I’m sure that seeing Harold be so affectionate with Danny, who is not his son, rubbed Ward the wrong way even if he knows that it was a lie.

Harold’s bias toward Joy was demonstrated when he went to the triad and killed the gang member whom had hit her. Not only that, I’m sure that asking for that favour from The Hand made him more indebted to them. He never would have done that if it had been Ward.

Danny also had a few words with the triad and it seems that they too would like to see him get rid of The Hand. I thought that Rand’s acquiring of the pier was just some one off business deal, part of the everyday acquisitions of Rand, but it seems to be of great importance. And now that Danny’s fight for Rand Enterprises is settled, he can concentrate on fulfilling his duty as the Iron Fist.

Except that he’s getting involved in the running of Rand Enterprises. I’m with him on selling the cure at cost, but I feel like before he starts taking part in the running of Rand he should learn something about business and the inner workings of Rand itself. If he wants to preserve the corporation and keep to his father’s vision, sinking it when he doesn’t know what he’s doing is not the way to go.

I’m starting to think that Colleen’s fighting is not so much in service of the dojo anymore. That’s part of it and what motivated her to do it in the first place, but I think that she really likes the thrill of it. I thought that her student was out of place for posting the video online without asking her first, but he may be onto something about it attracting more students.

Random thoughts:

  1. So Danny ended up in Harold’s hands anyway.
  2. Danny: “You died.” So did you.
  3. Harold: “It’s not every day that somebody comes back from the dead.” So did you.
  4. Ward does not approve.
  5. So Joy did give Jeri the bowl.
  6. Did he just call Jeri “J Money?”
  7. Are all of Colleen’s fights going to end with her repeatedly punching someone in the face?
  8. Jeri told you to ease into things, Danny.

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