Iron Fist S01E03 Recap

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Going to Jeri Hogarth was the smartest thing thing that Danny has done so far. Lawyering up is the way to go and the best way to deal with Ward and Joy, who’ve been such dicks to Danny so far. Ward, I understand, but Joy is just confusing.

When she got back the M&M’s she seemed to be genuinely happy that Danny was alive and she’d had her friend back. She said she felt bad about drugging him and even that he hasn’t done anything to make her hate him. Sometimes it looks like she actually cares about him. Then she followed up her heart to heart with him about her father’s death with documents for him to sign essentially buying him off to silence him and she tells him that she and Ward don’t want him around. She’s apparently sincere in all of these instances but they’re so contradictory that I just can’t pin her down. Does she care about him or does she care about his money?

I understand that, as she said, she and her brother worked hard to get to where they are and that letting go of everything they’ve built will be difficult. But the lengths that they have gone to to keep him away from what belongs to him have been so devious and nasty. Ward got rid of every single document that proves that Danny exists. Joy didn’t know about it, but when she found out she didn’t even admonish him or anything. She was cool with it. I truly do not understand her, she is the most frustrating character in the show and I dislike her the most because she looks to be a decent person but then she does some very shady things.

Like bribing Patel with a liver for his sick nephew so that they could buy his pier. She stole an organ. The deed was vaguely altruistic, but the fact remains that that was very unethical and underhanded. That is something that I would have expected from Ward, not from her. I gave her the benefit of the doubt in the last episode, but until she proves otherwise she’s just as bad, if not worse, than Ward. He doesn’t seem to care about anything, but she does.

I cant even decide whether or not I think she gave Danny and Hogarth the clay bowl to strengthen their case. Why would she do something to help them when she has been pushing so hard to get Danny out of the way? At the same time, she seems to care about him so why wouldn’t she?

Danny’s attempts to reclaim Rand Enterprises and everything that goes along with it is important, but it feels a little inconsequential considering that he’s the Iron Fist and his duty is to defeat The Hand. Which I assume is why he came back in the first place, not to get tied up in a legal battle with the Meachums. I like to compare it to Game of Thrones (which is appropriate because Finn Jones was on that series as Loras Tyrell); the fight for the Iron Throne is important and I care about who wins, but winter has come and the White Walkers with it and that is by far of higher importance. Danny can care about both and I’m sure he does. Right now though, he should be concentrating on The Hand since, unlike those concerned with the Iron Throne, he knows what the real threat is.

The question is whether or not The Hand knows that he’s the Iron Fist. They know that Danny Rand is back because they paid Harold a visit and punished him for leaving his tower, but do they know that Danny is the Iron Fist? Do they even know what the Iron Fist is and what that means for them? I’m going to lean toward “no” on the first question since they didn’t press Harold about Danny. I’m honestly impressed that they didn’t know why he left. Either that or they just wanted him to tell them himself; test him and see if he would lie. He did lie but, they don’t know that.

Colleen is starting to grow on me. I like her no nonsense attitude. I was happy to finally see her spar with Danny. Unfortunately, like most of the fight scenes in this series, it was incredibly sluggish. Her fight in the beginning when Ward’s goons broke in was a little better, but that felt slow to me as well. I don’t know why Ward thought that someone who ran a dojo wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves. She took those guys down easily. Perhaps the best fight so far was her cage fight. It still looked like they were moving through molasses, but it had a little more energy.

Random thoughts:

  1. You’re gonna turn Ward into a super villain, Harold.
  2. Why are the flowers on the grave fresh?
  3. She told you not to interfere with her students, Danny.
  4. He can’t tell you because he doesn’t know, Joy.
  5. Dang Joy, that was harsh.

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