How to Get Away With Murder S03E15 [FINALE] Recap

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Laurel’s dad killed Wes? But why? We waited so long to find out killed him and it came so far out of left field. He wasn’t even on my radar. We have to wait even longer to find out why he did it. I should have known when that  little detail came up about him making Laurel lie about being kidnapped, that that was a clue to his larger involvement. Was Denver working for him perhaps. Something like that, I think, would be public record so the fact that Denver found it isn’t exactly proof that he was, but anything is possible.

I was so wrong about Denver. He didn’t exactly harm Connor, but kidnapping him is close enough. As I suspected, it seems no one questioned why he was holding Connor. He just casually walked in with detectives and other law enforcement and no one batted an eye. But kidnapping him and forcing him to sign an immunity deal doesn’t seem like a very sound a plan to me; once Connor is released he could still tell people that he was kidnapped and about Denver’s whole scheme. I don’t see how this assured anything for Denver.

Watching Wes die was so hard. Especially when he was crawling on the floor crying for help. I’m pretty sure Laurel’s dad killing Wes had something to do with her, but look how close he came to killing her as well in the process. I kind of wish – kind of – that she had died just so he could have had instantaneous karmic payback. When Laurel finds out though, she’ll do him even worse than karma ever could.

I feel really bad that they had to pin everything on Wes, but that was they only way that they were going to get out of this mess. At first when Annalise said they needed to offer up another suspect, I thought that she was going to offer herself. Now that she let it all out at the AA meeting – we all knew that she thought of Wes like a son; that was evident – maybe she can begin to heal. And forgive Frank. The guy really does deserve a break.

I so much wanted Mrs. Mahoney to continue her  conversation with Annalise. Hopefully that’ll be revisited next season. I want to know what else Annalise got wrong and hear the truth as Mrs. Mahoney knows it. I don’t want it to turn out that the car accident that killed Annalise’s baby really was an accident and wasn’t Wallace’s work, though. I kind of get the feeling that his wife isn’t exactly wise to the things he did, but at the same time like she knows more than he did. And I still can’t believe that Wes is Charles’ son and not Wallace’s.

Random thoughts:

  1. Charles is Wes’ father?!
  2. If she’s wrong then correct her!
  3. Go Oliver! Defend Connor’s honour!
  4. You couldn’t have expected Michaela to say it back Asher, you know her.
  5. Why didn’t Oliver destroy his copy of Annalise’s phone?!
  6. Conniver lives!
  7. Laurel no!

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