How to Get Away With Murder S03E13 Recap

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Well what do you know. My suspicions were correct. It was A.D.A Atwood who had Wes’ body moved and was framing Nate for it. To quote Atwood herself: “This bitch.” No sense of loyalty indeed. She’s so determined – or more like desperate – to nail Annalise that she did that to him. But like I keep saying, she never really cared for him and her former relationship with Nate was all about Annalise.

Team Keating finally nailed her and she’s getting her comeuppance. That was a brilliant play by Annalise; having Frank request that all of Atwood’s e-mails e.t.c be subpoenaed. She had Frank ready with a rebuttal for every objection  and excuse they came up with for not doing it. It was glorious. And I’m glad that the judge saw how much of a bias there was against Annalise, or at the very least saw that it could be perceived that way.

I was so excited to see Annalise back in fighting form! I cheered when she climbed out of bed and wrote that letter demanding  a grand jury hearing against the Office of the District Attorney. The plan backfired horribly, but man was it exhilarating seeing Annalise back to being the Queen that Jasmine said she used to be. And it was when she got her mojo back that Team Keating scored their victory!

I was wary of her meeting with Nate. It looked so very suspicious considering everything and I was on the edge of my seat fearing that they’d be caught and it would be used against them. But thankfully that didn’t happen.

I knew Nate had nothing to do with Wes’ death, so the flashback did not come as a surprise. But the revelation that he blames himself for it was unexpected and I felt for him in that moment. It was nice to see a bit of reconciliation between him and Annalise but I don’t think that they should get back together. Unfortunately that was ruined later, after Annalise handed in her letter and Nate got questioned by the State. He had a point though; Annalise trying to help pretty much always makes things worse for him.

Who I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed Wes though, is Connor. I don’t believe that he had anything to do with it, but if he did it was an accident (given the clip at the end of the episode). His behaviour has been wretched since Wes’ death and only made him suspicious during this episode.

When Oliver said that Connor didn’t tell him he got a call from Annalise that night, it clicked in my head. If he is somehow involved in Wes’ death, he was anxious to get into Annalise’s phone and was saying anything to convince Oliver to do it. That whole speech about Wes? Lies. He never cared about him and he knew that saying that would get Oliver to hack the phone.

He’s been championing Annalise’s guilt far too much for someone who should know that there is no way that she did it. He’s 100% looking for something to use to pin the murder on her so that he’s in the clear. I’m pleased that Oliver did his own digging and confronted him about it. I hope he stopped searching and destroyed his copy of Annalise’s phone.

I really hate seeing Laurel grieving so hard and Karla Souza continues to do an excellent job with her acting here. I’m with her and totally believe that it was the Mahoneys who killed Wes. I was upset with her for going against Annalise’s wishes and hiring a P.I., but only because I knew what they’d done to Annalise and that Annalise was only trying to protect her from that. I don’t want them to do the same to Laurel either. But her efforts were fruitful and her P.I. did fast work in finding out that the Mahoneys did a DNA test on Wes.

I loved the moment between Laurel and Annalise near the end of the episode; when Annalise stopped by and told her that Wes had been cremated. They are the two people mourning him the most and, quite frankly, I think that they need each other. I’m happy that the tensions between them have dissolved.

Random thoughts:

  1. Screw you Atwood.
  2. You’re a bitch Atwood.
  3. I’m with Asher. We should be questioning Connor.
  4. Rather presumptuous of you Bonnie to assume that Laurel would have an abortion.
  5. Disappointed in you Hargrove. But I understand.
  6. Atwood had him cremated?!
  7. Of course Asher would compare it to a fart.

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