How to Get Away With Murder S03E12 Recap

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I do not believe that Nate had anything to do with Wes’ body being moved, far less that he requested it and signed off on it. Why would he make such a brouhaha about it, knowing full well that he is the one responsible. Sure it could have been for the purpose of misdirection, but he would have known that they would investigate it and find his name on the document. It makes no sense. I would and do more readily believe that the D.A.’s office is framing him for this.

In fact, when D.A. Denver said that someone had signed off on Wes’ body being moved and Nate asked who did, I was expecting D.A. Denver to say that it was A.D.A Atwood. So when she handed Nate the folder with the documents I was surprised. I guess she doesn’t have much of a sense of loyalty toward Nate at this point. She was sleeping with him after all. But I always believed she was doing that more to get back at Annalise than anything.

The fact that they lost Wes’ body at all, though, is just hilarious in a way that I really can’t believe that they were so negligent. I’m curious as to why they are only now finding this document that just so happens to incriminate Nate…the person who discovered the body is missing…and had a previous relationship with Annalise. You would think that that would be one of the first things they would check the second they realised Wes’ body was missing. Which makes it even more suspicious that they’re pinning it on Nate.

I noticed this a long time ago, but it’s really just hammered home this week how much the D.A.’s office absolutely refuses to let go of Annalise. It’s with an almost desperation that they’re doing it. Basically everything Bonnie throws at them as a reason to grant Annalise bail they just outright deny. I don’t know anything about the legal system, but her reasons seem pretty good to me. I kind of side with her in suspecting that that judge is in on the “Let’s Destroy Annalise Keating” conspiracy. But she and I are biased.

The more this goes on, the more I’m convinced that this entire investigation is fueled by a personal vendetta (looking at you A.D.A Atwood).

Laurel broke my heart this episode. I think I’d rather see Lovesick Laurel over Grieving Laurel. She is just broken. I knew that Wes’ death hit her hard, but I guess now that she’s out of the hospital and not drugged out of her mind, it’s really starting to manifest just exactly how much she’s hurting. Kudos to Karla Souza for her performance in this episode; it was heart wrenching seeing Laurel go through this.

I don’t blame her for her outburst at the funeral. Wes had no family and no friends outside of them, except for Meggie. I myself was annoyed when I saw the blonde girl crying. Who was she even? Who were any of those people and where did they come from? And screw new kid for interrogating the Keating Four about Annalise’s guilt.

Don’t get me wrong, Wes was her boyfriend and she loved him a lot, but Laurel’s reaction to his death feels a little extreme? I didn’t realise that they had gotten so very serious, committed and deeply in love in such a short span of time.

When Annalise’s mother showed up I did not expect good things. I loved her fearlessness and passion in wanting to defend and protect Annalise, though. I really didn’t expect her to confess to murdering someone or for her to have dementia. I felt so bad when Annalise lied to her about being out of jail for good and the charges being dropped.

I’m so glad she’s out of jail. Her cell mate was really started to grind on my nerves. I’m pretty sure Annalise was right about her molesting her kids, given the look on her face. Although, if that were the case, why would anyone bring them to prison for her to visit? Why would she even be allowed to see them?

Watching Annalise get beat up and seeing her bruised and bloodied face after was a shock. There was always something about Annalise that made her feel untouchable and this entire second half of the season has utterly destroyed that. It was all part of her plan to get herself granted bail – because Bonnie is failing so very very hard; I still don’t think that’s entirely her fault – but given that it followed her conversation with Bonnie about her still not being granted bail, I honestly thought she had given up and that that was her expression of that.

Random thoughts:

  1. Did the “In Case of Emergency” need to be so blatant?
  2. I used to think Conniver was cute, now they just seem toxic.
  3. Give Frank a break already!
  4. Now that Laurel doesn’t trust Meggie, I don’t trust her either.
  5. Go Oliver!
  6. OMG Connor! Shut up!
  7. I’ve been spelling Wes’ last name wrong this entire time.
  8. Jasmine knows what’s up!
  9. I hope the copy of Annalise’s phone that Oliver kept doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

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