How to Get Away With Murder S03E11 Recap

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Can Frank catch a break? I hate that Bonnie and the others tried to pin everything that Annalise was being investigated for on Frank. Yes he volunteered as tribute, but he’s one of them. I understand that he messed up in a major way and is no one’s favourite person right now, but I feel like as much as they are trying to get Annalise out of jail, they should be trying to free him as well.

And the plan failed anyway because he ended up getting arrested as a co-conspirator to Annalise and not as the sole perpetrator. He spent the entire day sitting in an interrogation room trying to convince the police that he killed Wes because he found out that Laurel was having his baby. They rightfully didn’t believe him – he was lying – and Bonnie convincing Laurel to corroborate his story was ultimately useless.

There is no getting Annalise out of this. At least not yet and certainly not how they’ve been going about it. ADA Atwood is really trying very hard to nail Annalise. In many ways Annalise is a terrible person who has done a lot of terrible and illegal things; she is far from innocent. At some point and in some way she may well have to pay for everything she has done and this seems to be it.

That being said, although I know that ADA Atwood is just doing her job there seems to be something deeply personal about her pursuit of Annalise. She was right in not believing Frank, she was right in asking for more time to find evidence against Annalise when the detectives said they have enough to charge Frank and to let her go and she is right about everything.  But I don’t like her at all. Her motivation feels to me to be less about executing justice and more about a vendetta.

I really don’t know what Bonnie can do at this point to help Annalise. I feel like Annalise was little too hard on Bonnie for not being successful at the bail hearing. Bonnie is failing as a lawyer right now but that’s not entirely her fault. It’s ADA Atwood’s relentlessness. The woman is doing everything in her power to ensure that Annalise stays in jail. Whatever Bonnie comes up with, it’s going to have to be big.

Annalise’s jail adventures continue and it is absolutely miserable. I originally liked her younger bunk mate since her jabs at Annalise seemed to be somewhat friendly and playful, but now she’s turned into an absolute bitch for no real reason. But I guess that’s what jail is like?

It seems that Jasmine’s speech didn’t light the fire under Annalise that I wanted it to. She’s still dejected. But, at least when she was being bullied in the showers she stood up for herself. It was very apparent that she was terrified, but she at least tried to show a bit of that Annalise ferocity that we’re used to. I have no doubt in my mind that she would have gotten her ass handed to her, though. Annalise doesn’t strike me as a woman who can fight with fists.

I was very apprehensive when Annalise asked Jasmine to give her the razor. I didn’t think she was going to kill herself; she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet or reached the pinnacle of despair. I didn’t expect her to cut off her weave, though. I loved that later on we saw her with the spiral cornrows that the tracks were sown into. It’s such a powerful image when Viola Davis strips down on the show.

I honestly don’t enjoy watching Annalise in jail. It’s depressing.

I enjoyed seeing Michaela take charge of the remaining members of the Keating Five. I felt sorry for Oliver for getting threatened by her, but it needed to be done. She really is the only person being a grown up, as she said.

Her defense of Annalise to the university President was shocking because she is not her biggest fan and makes no attempts to hide it. I like the initiative she’s taking to protect everyone and that she’s taking care of Laurel and being there for her. It’s a much softer side to Michaela that we haven’t gotten to see much of until now, if at all.

Random thoughts:

  1. I miss Frank’s hair. Is it ever coming back?
  2. Why didn’t the detectives think to check the security footage to corroborate Frank’s story?
  3. Go Michaela!
  4. Connor is getting to be incredibly irritating.
  5. Can someone punch ADA Atwood already?
  6. Michaela and Asher are still the cutest!

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

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