How to Get Away With Murder S03E10 Recap

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I really liked how this episode had flashbacks of Wes’ individual interactions with Annalise and the Keating Five, now the Keating Four (unless you count Oliver). It was a nice send off for Wes and for each of the main characters to have their little moments with him to say goodbye. In some ways, it gave the characters and the viewers a small measure of closure.

For the most part at least, because we still don’t know how or why Wes died and who did it.

This episode presented a suspect who was pointed to last season; Frank. Laurel firmly believe it’s him – or is lashing out in her grief – and that’s somewhat believable; he killed Wes because he found out that he and Laurel were together. I’m not thoroughly convinced it’s him, though, or that he would kill Wes for something like that. I don’t really believe that he did it. I’m far more certain that he’s just offering himself up as a scapegoat or as some form of atonement or maybe even both.

Speaking of Laurel, she confirmed that Wes is the father of her baby. This is hardly any surprise to anyone.

The other suspect, or rather suspects, was the Mahoney family. This I can believe. We see what they did to Wes’ mother. I think they’d kill the child of the woman they had killed, especially if he was Wallace’s son as well and had ties with Annalise Keating. I’m not sure how they would have found out Wes is Wallace’s son, but if this is the case we will find out in flashback at some later point in the season. I hadn’t considered it could be them before it was brought up, but now I can see it and the Mahoney’s are number one on my list of suspects.

I loved how Annalise’s booking process was juxtaposed with Wes’s autopsy and really demonstrated how some of the procedures are very similar or exactly the same. It was disturbing but very, very interesting. The medical examiner drawing a different conclusion from the one she had previously, though common, leaves me thinking that there was some meddling involved there. But I’m always suspicious of things in this show.

As capable as I believe Bonnie to be, although she didn’t really prove that this week, I don’t think that her being Annalise’s lawyer is particularly wise given their history and relationship. At the same time, however, I can’t think of anyone else who could be. Annalise has a reputation and I’m sure no one else would want to represent her, plus, Bonnie knows all of Annalise’s secrets. I may just be a little biased, but I didn’t think that the prosecution brought enough evidence to justify Annalise not being granted bail. I was so mad that Bonnie’s own argument got used against her, but beyond that, anyone could have written those notations. How does the judge know for certain that Wes made them? It wasn’t even signed! That should be enough to throw out their so called “evidence.”

I like Annalise’s bunk mates. The only good thing about her being in jail is the two of them and getting to see more of those characters in the foreseeable future. I especially like the older one, Jasmine. Her speech to Annalise, I hope, reignited a fire within her. Annalise is so down and dejected and like she’s resigned herself to being in prison. And tired. I want the fierce Annalise back. The “Queen” that Jasmine said she was and still can be. The old Annalise needs to come back.

Random thoughts:

  1. That’s not how that works Laurel.
  2. Could Connor please stop being such an asshole?
  3. Go Asher!
  4. Can Frank catch a break?!

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursday nights at 10 PM on ABC.

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