How to Get Away With Murder S03E08 Recap

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I still think that Frank is the body under the sheet and this episodes makes me think that even more.

420f7aaf-6446-411b-ba7d-de26308efc9f-583-000000915e8f7ade_tmpI’m surprised by the direction his character went in this week. I knew he felt terrible about what he did to Annalise, and was trying his hardest to repent and “fix it” as he said, but I never suspected he would go so far as to kill himself for her.

I’m also surprised, yet still not, that Annalise encouraged him to shoot himself so fervently. I think she ultimately doesn’t mean it and doesn’t truly want him dead; given what she said to him, I think the revelation that he had a hand in the death of her son hurts all the more because she loves him and because he lied to her about it.

As Bonnie said, she wouldn’t survive it (and of course they flashed forward to her reaction upon seeing the body; but this show being this show, she may have been pretending to be devastated) and I think Frank knows that.

I think him killing himself may not be how he ends up dead. But as far as I’m concerned at this point, his goose is cooked.

This week’s case was Wes’. It wasn’t all that exciting. They got the charges against Charles Mahoney to stick and that was about it.

000ac0a3-4e4a-4553-bc90-265ebae0537a-583-000000952a15bcb8_tmpThe best/worst part of it was Meggie walking in on Wes and Laurel getting all lovey-dovey in the hospital waiting room. They knew they were where she works. You’d think they’d be a little more discreet. But the fact that they weren’t seems to indicate that they didn’t care.

The disintegration of Conniver continues. And just when things were looking up!

It kind of looked like, for a bit, that Oliver may have just wanted Connor for sex and not to get back together. But despite what Connor said about being able to separate love and sex, I don’t think he would be able to with Oliver.

There is some truth to Oliver’s statement that Connor uses him as a security blanket when things get bad with Annalise. In the past at least. I don’t believe that’s true now. I believe that Connor genuinely loves him.

I love seeing Annalise help President Hargrove and encouraging her to fight harder for her children. The two of them got off to a very rough start and I like seeing them work well together. Her confession in AA truly struck a chord with Annalise it seems.

Random thoughts:

  1. Geez! I really feel sorry for Frank.
  2. Asher’s reaction to Frank no longer having a beard was hilarious.
  3. Annalise smelling the wine was funny.
  4. I’m just as surprised as you are Laurel.
  5. Nate wasn’t shirtless in this episode.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

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