How to Get Away With Murder S03E04 Recap

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Three huge bombshells this week:

  1. Frank killed Bonnie’s father.
  2. The second person in the house is Laurel.
  3. She’s pregnant.

frankThere are too many questions surrounding why Frank killed Bonnie’s father – and what his overall plan/mission is to be honest. He killed Wes’ father (noticing a pattern here) and in both cases it was because they had wronged someone that he is (was?) close to in some way. So I guess he killed Bonnie’s father because of what he did to her?

And Laurel confessed! I mean, how couldn’t she after what she heard? I know Bonnie has no love for her father, but I expected her to be more upset when Laurel told her the truth; Laurel lying about having found Frank pretty much led to his death. I suppose Bonnie is more concerned about Annalise at the moment.

I can see Laurel not wanting Frank to be killed even if she isn’t still in love with him and lying to Annalise to prevent that. I still think, though, that her mission to find him without Annalise and Bonnie stemmed from her being Lovesick Laurel.

And I think that the baby is Frank’s.

Or maybe Wes’?

She’s still chasing after Frank – and I think he would go back to her; for all we know they’re back together four weeks down the road – but she did seem to be rather jealous at Wes’ surprise birthday party when he and Meggy (I could have sworn her name was Maggie) started dancing in front of her.

Still believe she and Wes have feelings for each other.

watch-how-to-get-away-with-murder-season-3-episode-4-onlineSpeaking of babies on board, I figured that Tristan had stolen the money to help someone. That much was obvious. I did not think that it was for a baby  or one from his teacher for that matter. That was…something. Three words: Mary Kay LeTourneau. Tristan and Susan won’t be getting a happily ever after like she did though.

It didn’t occur to me that the case was similar to what had happened to Bonnie until Asher brought it up. I know he means well, but Bonnie doesn’t need him to pity her or anything of the sort because of it. If I were her, I’d have been annoyed with him too.

In more appropriate relationship news, Annalise only came onto Eve because Nate is gone and, as she said earlier, she’s lonely. She’s always been lonely. My heart broke for her in that scene; she pushed Nate away and now Eve has found someone else. She really doesn’t have anyone besides her students and she wouldn’t have anything if she hadn’t saved her job.

She may have been lying about being an alcoholic to get her job back, but it is absolutely true. Or maybe she did recognise that Nate was right and she was telling the truth. I’m not quite sure. I can see her being truthful then, but I think she was lying. Annalise needs help, as Nate said. Now she will get it and learn something and heal, move forward and be happy for once. Hopefully.

President Vélez had a point. Annalise has been less than cooperative, always combative and bulldozes everyone to get what she wants. She shouldn’t be surprised that someone on the board is actively working against her. In some ways, she got herself into that situation. As satisfying as it is to see Annalise bring the thunder, she is her own worst enemy at this point.

Also, is Vélez from the Caribbean? I’ve never heard “those who don’t hear, will feel” (“if ya can’t hear, ya gin feel” in Bajan parlance) outside of the region. I guess it would exist in a number of variations elsewhere.

Random thoughts:

  1. Still don’t like the new kid.
  2. Drunk Annalise is funny.
  3. Nate is not shirtless in this episode.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday nights at 10 PM on ABC.

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