How to Get Away With Murder S03E03 Recap

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The episode opens and we start with a flash forward, as per usual. It picks up right where it left off last week. Annalise gives Oliver the phone, he wipes it and she is booked at the police station and put into jail.

We flashback to six weeks earlier and see Annalise getting ready for the day. She heads into the kitchen after hearing the blender go off and finds Nate making her a smoothie for breakfast (who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?). He informs her that he filed a missing person’s report on Frank. I don’t know if I like Nate taking the initiative on this whole Frank situation. I don’t think that he should. I agree with Annalise in keeping him uninformed so that he’s not involved. But, it’s too late for that. She involved him last week. He knows about the Frank situation and if she doesn’t want him to do things like that then she needs to let him know what’s going on.

As expected, as soon as she gets to work she throws away the smoothie. And is met by the school’s president. I am not so sure if I trust her yet. Every time she meets with Annalise it’s to give her some bad news or inform her of a decision that was made that will negatively impact her. I would like to believe she is trying to help though. htgawm

The case this week is that of a real estate developer ( we’ll call him Creepy McCreepster, or McCreepster for short) who was caught on camera dumping a hooker’s body after she passed out doing drugs with him. She died two days later. He immediately tries to flirt with Michaela when she shows up at court and Annalise swiftly shuts it down . The guy is a total creep and slimeball. If were Michaela I would try to get off of the case too.

Laurel met with her father as she was instructed to by Annalise and Wes is investigating him. I’m very curious as to why Wes is looking up Laurel’s father. We likely won’t find out anytime soon but since the show’s creators made a point to show it, I’m sure it’s of some kind of importance.

Of course Laurel’s meeting with her father doesn’t go well. We’ve seen it before; she hates him. He has the brilliant idea to force her into group therapy and he even confesses that he has been tapping her phone (am I the only one who wondered how many phone calls between her, Annalise and the rest of the Keating Five that involved them speaking about the crimes they’ve committed he overheard?).

As much as she tries to push him away, I think that Laurel’s father genuinely is sorry for the pain he caused her in the past and wants to make amends. But she is not ready to let go of her anger toward him, but she may have started to just a little bit; it was sweet that he went to her hotel and took her a cake and she instantly perked up and cheerily fed him a bite. And then he ruined it by basically asking her to “sell him [her] soul” as she put it.

Asher really showed just how much of a sweetheart he is and how adorable he can be when he tries to shield Michael from the news that her ex, Aidan, has gotten engaged, defend her from McCreepster when he tries to hit on her again and tells Bonnie that it is important to him that he be honest with her even if she doesn’t care. I hope Michaela comes to her senses and she and him work out. If not, that he quickly moves on because it’s about time he got with a woman that appreciates him.

At the behest of Bonnie Annalise meets with the prosecutor on the case to arrange a plea deal. Before Annalise can say anything however, the prosecutor lets it be known that she doesn’t like her and won’t help her. But that doesn’t stop Annalise. Later in the episode she uses the prosecutor’s own words against her and essentially bites her in the ass. Annalise is the bitch that karma is afraid of. I did admire the prosecutor for standing up to Annalise though; that took a lot of guts. vemsinr

The next time we see Wes he is in bed with Maggie – who was being pretty weird with the testing his pulse and feeling his belly for growths thing. She came on a little strong in demanding they do something for his birthday but I get that she’s just trying to cheer him up and do something nice. I applauded her for being comfortable with his friendship with Laurel and not being paranoid about it but then she shattered that later. I do, in some way, think that Wes and Laurel may well have feelings for each other on some level. Ultimately though, Maggie has nothing to worry about.

As it turns out, McCreepster had previously killed another girl because she rejected him. I was so glad Annalise slapped him. He showed no remorse for either crime and was more concerned with justifying the first one with the fact that she teased and rejected him. I expected Annalise to somehow work it out, maybe through some complex maneuvering, to get him convicted. Maybe make it look like she was trying to help him when his case when she actually wasn’t. But no such luck. I’m really glad for that slap.

Laurel returns to Annalise to give her report about her meeting with her father…and lies. She tells them that her father didn’t find Frank (which he did) and fails to tell them that Frank actually called her. I suppose her actions mean that my theory from last week – that she has been Lovesick Laurel this entire time and only worked with Annalise and Bonnie to get him back for herself – was correct. A tad disappointed in her. I do get the impression, though, that that may not be all there is to it.  htgawm-png-2

In true How to Get Away With Murder fashion, we’re left on a cliffhanger. There is someone else in Annalise’s house and they’re alive! But we don’t know who it is and hopefully we’ll find out next week.

Random thoughts:

  1. Why does Annalise always look like someone said something really stupid?
  2. Half shirtless, sweaty Nate is better than no shirtless Nate at all.
  3. Oliver’s face is all of us.
  4. You didn’t need to be that mean to Oliver, Connor!
  5. The slap heard around the world.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursday nights at 10 PM on ABC.

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