How to Get Away With Murder S03E02 Recap

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What can I say Connor? You win some, you lose some.

This week’s episode focused a lot on Connor since he got to be first chair on their case; trying to get a woman – Irene – who killed her abusive husband out on parole. But even as he enjoyed a victory in his professional life, he suffered a loss in his love life. 

The rest of the Keating Five finally find out that Connor and Oliver (Conniver?) are broken up, when Connor tells them just before class. It’s kind of hilarious that they assumed that Connor cheated or wronged Oliver somehow (and care more about the dissolution of Conniver than Annalise’s stalker).  Come on guys, Connor isn’t unscrupulously promiscuous anymore. Like Asher said; you’ve all changed after everything that’s happened.

On a bit of a side note; am I the only one who doesn’t like the new kid? He’s so cocky and he apparently hates Annalise. She’s not the nicest person and I wouldn’t even really call her a good person, but I dislike him for disliking her. And he’s jealous of the Keating Five maybe?

I must say, for someone who didn’t want this case to begin with and purposely sabotaged his chances, Connor really impressed me when he stood up for Irene during the parole hearing. It may not have been the best thing to do at the time (it really could have hurt their case), but it needed to be said given the way the men on the review board were treating her and I’m glad Connor was passionate enough to speak up.

I’m surprised he confessed to her about killing someone. It was the smart thing to do in terms of trying to connect with her in order to convince her to speak of her abuse; tell his own truth to get her to tell her’s. But it was also pretty dumb; don’t go telling people you got away with murder Connor! How to Get Away With Murder 101!

But of course it works and Irene tells the parole board about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. Before that though, thanks to Annalise, we learn that Irene’s former sister-in-law (who absolutely refused to forgive her for killing her brother) was abused by him too. Which only makes it all the more confusing why she isn’t on Irene’s side and grateful to her. But people deal with abuse in different ways.

Irene really only speaks about two incidents of being abused by her husband. And it’s enough. Her speech was powerful and moving and I’m glad the writers of the show didn’t decide to go really in depth with the abuse she suffered. It was unnecessary. I’m also glad she told them, quite plainly, that she did plan to kill her husband and that she wasn’t sorry. Killing him set her free.

She stood in her truth and that made the victory all the sweeter. Three cheers for Irene and three cheers Connor on winning the case.

I had so much hope all episode that Connor and Oliver would get back together. How sweet was their conversation after Connor’s outburst? But it was not meant to be. Oliver is dead set on the relationship being over so he can finally do something for himself for once. Which in and of itself is an admirable sentiment. Do what you must to be happy Oliver.

R.I.P. forever Conniver. What is dead may never die.

Elsewhere this episode, Annalise was still on the hunt for Frank. After he killed her P.I. last week she decided to ask Nate to track him down for her. Which doesn’t work. Frank is far too crafty to be found that easily by someone who is not nearly as tech savvy as he is.

It’s evident that Annalise is worried about Frank coming after her and Nate keeps offering his protection but of course she turns him down. But then she invites Wes to stay with her? Claiming she’s lonely? Immediately after meeting with the school president about the posters? I’m with you Wes; that was weird. Also very inappropriate considering he is her student. Annalise should know a lot better. Also she has Nate. How could she be lonely?

After Bonnie does some reconnaissance of her own, Annalise learns that Laurel has been calling Frank virtually non-stop since he left. Bonnie tells Annalise to let her take care of it it – and is mum on exactly how she will – only for the three off them (Annalise, Bonnie and Laurel) to team up at the end of the episode to lure Frank back with Laurel as bait.

Lovesick Laurel was a little annoying to watch last week, so seeing her begging Frank over voicemail was not welcome. But that reveal made the moment a little more worth it.

I’m a little wary of Annalise roping others into her plan to find Frank. He did kill that P.I. and I wouldn’t put it past him to hurt Nate, Bonnie or even Laurel if push came to shove. He was really unhinged when he appeared early in the episode. He is very afraid of Annalise.

And I’m pretty sure Lovesick Laurel is still Lovesick Laurel and only teamed up with Annalise and Bonnie to get her man back. Although luring him for some form of retribution on her part does some equally plausible.

Asher and Michaela (Masher?) as a couple is random and weird but also still cute. Her attempt to shut him down because they were “too different” did not deter him at all and it was sweet that he came back to her later to talk some sense into her and tell her that he’s more than a “meat stick.” Michaela is far too uptight and really does need to let go of her old self.

Plus, Asher is such a lovable goof that any pairing he is a part of is automatically adorable.

When Oliver showed up at Annalise’s house at the end of the episode I immediately thought that the dead body was Connor. It would have made sense given that the episode was partially about him. But he was just there to do a job for Annalise. Of course she had a plan and needed him to work some (illegal) tech magic.

I still think that it could be Connor under the sheet though and that Annalise’s scheming could be a bit of a misdirect.

This week’s episode was more interesting that last week’s and it feels like the show is really starting to pick up. Hopefully the trend continues next week and throughout the rest of the season.

Random thoughts:

  1. Shonda was listening; more shirtless Nate! Wet shirtless Nate.
  2. Is it a coincidence that “Irene” sounds like “Aileen?” As in Wuornos?

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday nights at 10 PM on ABC.

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