Haikyuu!! S03E07 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Yeah let’s jump straight into our next episode! We’re into the final stretch with the fifth and final set after that miraculous save from Hinata!!

Sugawara who is feeling lots of pressure to live up to the now exhausted Kageyama, has been substituted in his place. After some reassurance from Shimizu and a somewhat slow start, Suga shows signs of being predictable and Tendo tries to take advantage of it but Suga pulls through and shows that he was also working on a new move as well during the training camp back in Season 2. He is now able to spike! (Mr. Refreshing is BACK! ><) BTW Kageyama never learnt how to do this!

We then get a flashback into Tendo’s life as a child through junior high when no one wanted anything to do with him because of how monstrously good he was at volleyball. After entering Shiratorizawa, Tendo finds some kind of comfort from talking to Ushijima, even though Tendo is usually the only one talking, as Ushijima is a man of few words. We learn at this point, how Ushijima got into volleyball- his father was a secondary league player himself, who eventually retired after too many injuries. Ushijima’s father told him about the ace on his team made all of teammates believe that if you set up an attack for him, he would definitely see it through and that’s what excited everyone. Ushijima wanted to become a player like that so that’s why he pushed himself so far.

After Shiratorizawa calls an early timeout due to Karasuno’s tricks that gives them an early four-point lead, Ushijima remembers some advice his father gave him and gets fired up. Shiratorizawa pulls back a few points. Karasuno tries to fight them but not before losing Tsukishima to an injured hand from one of Ushijima’s spikes. So late in the game?! Why? The fifth game is only up to 15 points?! WHAAAAAAAA?!

Shiratorizawa now is leading by three points and Tsukishima is super frustrated, but he is forced to go to the infirmary until he gets over his problem. The team acknowledges that they need to be even more controlled than ever now that he is absent. Unfortuantely, things don’t seem to be going their way due to both Tendo and Ushijima being on a high. At the end of this episode: The fifth and final game. Shiratorizawa leads 8-4. See you for the next episode!

Ja ne!

Season 3 of Haikyuu!! airs on Crunchyroll every Friday at 3:30PM (AST)

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