Haikyuu!! S03E03 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

As of last week’s episode we saw Karasuno finally begin to gain some ground as they got used to Ushijiwa’s powerful spikes and serves and Teno’s direct challenge to Hinata. He takes on Kageyama and similarly does the same move from the end of the last episode. We learn that Tendo is also known as the Guess Monster for his great predictions where an aimed spike will go, so he can move his arms appropriately for a block attack, which proves so problematic that Tanaka eventually is forced to call a timeout. Kageyama is clearly frustrated about his spike being blocked, but Ukai explains the technique to the team, and lets them know that they’ll have to not be so obvious with their setups. Because Tendo is guessing where the ball is going to go, there is a chance that he’ll be wrong sometimes.


Leave it to Saeko to completely destroy it


Kageyama doesn’t appreciate Hinata’s cheering


The score is now 3-5 to Shiratorizawa in the second set with Shiratorizawa to serve. While Tendo is busy gloating to himself, Kageyama uses the opportunity to create a quick right over his head. Tendo realized this and taunts Kagemaya on how hates really hates losing. Karasuno then begins to take advantage of this, scoring a few points, but Tendo is determined to beat everyone on Karasuno’s team all by himself by using the spikes against them. But this scene where the wind rushes next to the the ball from Ushijima’s spike…talk about overkill. Hinata is then substituted for Tsukishima, who Tendo then proceeds to mock calling him the ‘normal guy’ in a condescending voice. Tendo tries to set up what resembles a timelag attack to Kageyama, but Tsukishima sees through it and completely blocks him. Tsukishima then in turns mocks Tendo to his great frustration.


But that speed tho….

In the next set of plays, Tsukishima takes note of Shiratorizawa’s setter and adjusts his eyes and blocks to suit and ends up assisting in the scoring of several points for Karasuno. This happens several times and finally causes the Shiratorizawa coach to lose his marbles when two players hesitate and get the ball and stare at each other instead. Hinata and Suga are substituted into rotation again. Suga serves, Shiratorizawa tries to attack, but the spike from Tendo is intercepted, which then in turn, creates an opportunity for Karasuno. Suga and Kageyama switch positions and then initiate a fake synchronized attack with Kageyama successfully spiking the ball into the opposite court.


haikyuus03e03-1Yamaguchi finally get his chance to serve after glaring in the direction of the coaches bench for so long. He executes his jump float serve and everything looks good for Karasuno, as Shiratorizawa’s formation breaks but the setup was in Ushijima’s favor and he spikes right through them. Karasuno calls for another timeout. Ukai reminds them to keep utilizing one touches and rebounds and results are bound to show later. As thee had back onto the court, Tsukishima makes a surprise statement. He wishes to set the timing for the three-person block to which the others agree.

After the next serve, Shiratorizawa begins to setup Ushijima’s spike, the three-person wall made of Kageyama, Tsukishima and Azumane perfectly time their wall. Ushijima spikes past them but that was part of the plan to get Nishinoya in to get in the receive. Tendo believes that Azumane will spike but Tsukishima gets one over him and scores, successfully complete their ‘total defense’ strategy.


As the episode ends, the score is tied in the second set at 22 each. See you next time for episode 4, “The Halo Around the Moon”. This was definitely Tsukishima’s week.

Season 3 of Haikyuu!! airs on Crunchyroll every Friday at 2:30PM (AST)

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