Grimm S06E13 [SERIES FINALE] Recap

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That was an incredibly satisfying ending to a show that started off not so good, but eventually found it’s footing and became something great. Grimm was not a perfect show, it definitely wasn’t this season and I had my problems with how some of the story lines unfolded. But this episode was perfect. There could not have been a better final episode for this show.

Everybody died. Absolutely everyone. After Monroe and Rosalee went down, I very nearly stopped watching despite knowing that everyone would come back to life by the end. There was never any doubt about that. It’s a testament to how amazing this episode was that even though I knew they wouldn’t stay dead, I had such powerful reactions to their deaths. I was still outraged and upset and cursing the writers for killing them off.

When Zerstörer arrived in the real world and was after Nick instead of Diana, I had a feeling that the stick was how it knew where he was. For this entire episode I was questioning why Zerstörer kept sparing Nick’s life. I thought that the stick was actively protecting Nick with it’s magic. Which, coupled with the fact that it couldn’t go to “the other place”, made me question whether or not Zerstörer could actually take it and use it.

And he couldn’t. Because he needed Nick to give it to him willingly. Hence the death of every character we loved – well, except Renard. By taking away everything from Nick and promising to give them back, Zerstörer created the conditions for Nick to hand over the stick. Which, I understand that he was emotional and grieving and not thinking straight, but if he’d handed it over everyone would still end up dead anyway. It’s called “The End of the World.” No one’s going to survive that.

We all knew that the final battle would take place at the cabin; that it would all end where it all began. I didn’t expect Kelly Sr. (Is it still senior if it’s a woman?) and Aunt Marie to show up. That was a lovely little touch that was very heart warming. He finally got to fight alongside the women that passed this on to him. I did think that it would come down to Nick and Trubel taking on Zerstörer (but then she died) when I heard the “one’s own blood” line. The potion they came up with was a very good idea, but I never thought that it would work.

The finale battle was a tad anticlimactic. Nick, Trubel, Kelly Sr. and Aunt Marie got rid of Zerstörer pretty quickly, but it was four against one. I was waiting for Nick to get up and use the completed staff to heal everyone. It took him so long to realise that he could. When the portal opened and he got sucked in I was very confused – and thought for a moment that maybe everyone really was dead – and I was even more confused when he came out of the mirror with Eve again. I thought that perhaps he time travelled, but as it turned out, he never left “the other place” to begin with.

I experienced so many emotions watching this episode. I was simultaneously exhausted and energized by the end. It was a wonderful episode and with that ending…is it too much to ask for a spin-off?


Random thoughts:

  1. Why won’t the stick work on Hank and Wu?!
  2. Trubel: “They can’t be dead.” I know right!
  3. Remember when we said that we should keep Rosalee out of this since she’s pregnant?
  4. Et tu Juliette?! I mean Eve.
  5. Why is everybody dying?!
  6. Diana WTF! What are you doing?!
  7. Of course Renard died.
  8. Adalind too?! Seriously?! Just spare Monroe and Rosalee.
  9. Dammit! What did I just say?!
  10. You’re next Trubel. Everybody’s dying up in here.
  11. Trubel’s back!
  12. Take that stick and run very far away Trubel.
  13. Nick had no qualms about beating her up.
  14. Yay! Happy ending.
  15. Spin-off maybe?

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