Grimm S06E12 Recap

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There were quite a few revelations in this episode. As it turns out, the Zerstörer only went after Eve to use her as bait to lure Nick into “the other place.” He needed a grimm to open a portal and cross over in order for him to get out.

Nick and Eve were able to escape thanks to Diana using the magic stick to open the portal. However, saving them also meant that the Zerstörer crossed over into their world and that doesn’t bode well for anyone. The only good thing to come out of Nick and Eve’s trip to “the other place” was that Eve is no longer a hexenbiest.

The assumed first target on the Zerstörer list would be Diana. When he made it into the real world I thought that he would immediately seek her out. Team Grimm decided to place a spell on her that would hide her from harm and move her – along with Adalind, Kelly and Renard – to the cabin in the woods that once belonged to the first blutbad he faced as a grimm.

While there, Diana had a dream in which the Zerstörer came for not just her, but Kelly as well. Kelly hasn’t demonstrated any unique or special powers. The only notable thing about him is that he is half grimm and half hexenbiest (or maybe zauberbiest?). What use could he be to the Zerstörer?

Diana and Kelly were not the first thing that the Zerstörer went after however.

The magic stick that Nick and Monroe found in the Black Forest is part of the Zerstörer staff; one with the power of the gods, as Monroe quoted from his book, which was shattered into a hundred pieces which were scattered all over the world. The Zerstörer needs the final piece in order to return the staff to full power.

I questioned the wisdom of Nick taking the stick with him when they left Monroe and Rosalee’s instead of hiding it. He made the right decision in the end because that would have left the stick unprotected and easily accessible. At least if it’s with Nick, he can put up a fight and hopefully use it against the Zerstörer.

Judging by its fight with Nick and Eve in “the other place” and its attack on the precinct, facing it will not be easy. It killed Hank and Wu! But conspicuously did not kill Nick. We already know that the magic stick can bring someone back to life, so I expect that Nick will use it on them once he defeats the Zerstörer.

There’s no question in my mind that Nick will defeat it. There’s no way that the hero won’t win. The only question that remains is how he will do it. Seeing as the Zerstörer was able to get the staff into “the other place” but Nick’s piece couldn’t pass through, makes me think that that piece is special. I’m banking on that special-ness meaning that it can be used to kill the Zerstörer. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually completed the staff.

Random thoughts:

  1. Clearly the Zerstörer’s staff is connected to the magic stick.
  2. Diana sit down!
  3. Don’t hope that the Zerstörer didn’t cross over. Make sure that it didn’t.
  4. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference!
  5. That is the best acting that we’ve seen from Hannah R. Loyd.
  6. The Zerstörer’s human form is kind of hot.
  7. Trubel’s back!
  8. Nadalind is still weird.

The series finale of Grimm will air next Friday at 10 PM on NBC.

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